Extracurricular student organizations and clubs are an amazing way for students to learn more about themselves, make lifelong friends, and develop as leaders. Fortunately, the University of Toronto has an endless array of opportunities for students to get involved – especially its Health Science students. Here are five amazing student organizations to join as a health science student at the University of Toronto.

1. Students for Partners in Health

This organization promotes the Partners in Health’s, a larger non-profit organization, mission and goals. Partners in health is a global organization that promotes global health equity, works to make health education free to the poor, and believes fighting disease means fighting poverty. Joining the University of Toronto student-led club chapter is a great way to learn more about fundraising, health education, and the growing issue of global health inequity. They host numerous events and fundraisers throughout the year that is both inspiring and informative.


2. Health Out Loud 

The University of Toronto is home to a chapter which is part Chapter is part of the incredible Health Out Loud non-profit organization. This student club focuses on working for health literacy and fighting against political apathy. They hope to spark a passion for health and well-being within students and inspire them to understand more deeply the social determinants that inform the health of their communities. The chapter welcomes all those who are interested in running their initiatives like bake sales, debate competitions, and movie nights or those that simply want to attend their large and small events.


3. Health Studies Student Union

If you want to contribute meaningfully to the University of Toronto Campus and make the experiences of your peers better, joining the Health Studies Students’ Union at the University of Toronto can be an incredibly rewarding choice of extracurricular activity. Attending general meetings and representing your peers are just some of the responsibilities you’ll take on. You will also be responsible for planning and be contributing to the creation of academic seminars, social events, and the dissemination of useful resources to the student body in your faculty. You will also make valuable connections with fellow student union members from all faculties. If you want to contribute to the culture of inclusivity and constant learning in the field of health studies and sciences, this is a wonderful opportunity!


4. Intramural Sports programs

As a health science student, it is only fitting that you understand the necessity and benefits of physical activity to your success as a student. The University of Toronto is home to  Canada’s largest intramural sports program. Their intercollegiate sports programs are also one of the largest in North America and many are coached by national and Olympic athletes! The sports and facilities are incredibly accessible and feature over 26 sports for students to pick and choose what they are passionate about becoming involved in.


5. Health Research Outreach Team (HRO)

This student group dedicates itself to raising awareness and fundraising for a variety of health-related non-profit organizations such as the SickKids Foundation and Canadian Cancer Society.    They also have the mission of educating the University of Toronto student body about living healthier lifestyles and advocating for healthy choices on campus. If you love health, community engagement, and fundraising – you will find that getting involved with  HRO is a perfect fit for you as a Health Science student.


It is important to leave your university life with more than just your Health Science degree. The University of Toronto, through these awesome opportunities for involvement, offers many ways to ensure you graduate with the valuable learnings one can only attain outside the classroom as well as the academic ones.


Sahar J

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