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At some point on Sunday, members of the University of Toronto Engineering Department’s “Brute Force Committee” stole the famous Grease Pole, which has long been a totem of the Queen’s University Engineering Society.

For those who don’t know the history of this friendly rivalry, from Wikipedia:

“As part of Queen’s Engineering Frosh Week, the incoming first year engineering students must, with the help of the upper-year engineering students, climb to the top of a grease pole and remove a tam which is nailed to the pole’s top. The Queen’s Grease Pole is a metal football goalpost stolen by Queen’s engineering students in 1955 from University of Toronto’s Varsity Stadium.  Currently, the pole is covered in lanolin and placed in the centre of a pit of muddy water referred to as the “Grease Pit”, but from the first climbing of the pole in 1956 to 1988 the pole was covered in axle grease and it was only sometime between 1957 and 1967 that the pit was added to the event. There have been various other changes to the rules of the event since its inception, including the banning of the throwing of projectiles at the frosh attempting to climb the pole by upper years, removing unsanitary contents from the pit and allowing women to participate.”

Here is a release from “Mario Baker” of the Brute Force Committe:

And the response from Julie Tseng, head of the Queen’s Engineering Society:



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