Are you looking for bird courses at UofT? Well fear no more. We have compiled a list of the easiest courses offered at University of Toronto! These courses are based on students votes and it might be different for everyone! Make sure to do some research on it first before selecting the course.

1. ANT253H1: Language & Society

Based on a redditor (Feelthismoment), this course’s lectures are basically straight from the textbook. Therefore there is no need to go to the class if you are good at memorizing the textbook. There are only midterms for this course and no exams in previous year. Not too sure if they have changed this. The questions on the midterms are straight from the textbook and they are mostly true/false and multiple choice.

2. HPS100H1: Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science

This course is online in previous years. Each lecture is 1 hour long and it has 11 lectures. If you are taking this course, you should be expecting to read around 10-20 pages each week. This courses shouldn’t be a problem if you practice past midterms and exams.

3. MAT138: Introduction to proofs

Warning! This course is not for everyone! This course consist of logical thinking and lots of provings. If you love that and hate memorizing content, this is the course for you. 

4. AST101H1: The Sun and Its Neighbours

This is a very interesting course and the concepts are easily understandable and there is a lot of common knowledge in it. There are assignments and quizes for this course but they are all pretty straight forward. Whether this is a bird course or not, it really depends on the prof you have. This course is also different in the summer since a lot of non easy profs will be teaching during the summer. 

5. PHL285H1: Aesthetics

If you are interested in art, film, music and paintings, this is the perfect course for you. If you are a CS majoring, definitely don’t take this because you would find it extremely boring. This is more for writing, art, psyc and soc students. You get to watch movies in class. In previous years, the midterm and final exams are either online or takehome so you don’t need to stress about going to exams.

6. CSC104H1: Computational Thinking

This is for the CS students. If you have some basic knowledge about programming, this will be easy A. However, this course actually doesn’t require any programming knowledge. If you are looking for a science credit, this would be it!

7. GGR252H1: Marketing Geography

This is very easy course. Previous years, there was 3 assigments, no midterms and 1 really easy final exam. Not too sure if they will change the format this year. People hardly went to class and still aced the course. I believe the class average was pretty high as well.

8. FSL100H1: French for Beginners

If you have taken French in high school, this is pretty much exactly the same. There are quite a few assignment but they shouldn’t be a problem and this course is an easy 4.0.

9. ANT100Y1: Introduction to Anthropology

Last year this course has 1 essay, one midterm and a final exam that is not cumulative. However, this course requires a little bit of reading. If you are good at writing, this would definitely be a bird course.

10. PHL245H1: Modern Symbolic Logic

All the notes are posted online so going to class is “optional”. Course is quite consistent and easy. If  you are just studying your homework and past exams, you should easily get a high mark, since the questions are pretty much the same every year. This course does requires some basic math. If you have never done math, you would need to put a little bit more effort in it. 


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