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In case anyone is looking for some fun and exciting courses to take at University of Victoria, here are the top 11 Coolest Classes at UVic.

1. GMST 454 – Vampire Studies

We have a class about sexy, blood thirsty, totally dangerous vampires? Seriously though, this is a real class. Some students who have taken this class say it’s a super fun class. Just tell me “Twilight” is not Chapter 7 and I’m in!

2. MUS 391 A02 – Pop Music and You

Yuuup! They just sit around and listen to Michael Jackson, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan all day long! It’s not like you’re not doing it already anyways right? You’d better take some credits while you’re doing it as well.

3. MUS 109 – Great Film Music

While we’re on the topic of music. Why not just take a step further and add some of the best movies in? I have personally taken this class and it is AWESOME!! The first day of class we watched Star Wars Episode VI and it was freaking amazing! Every week we would watch a different movie and they are all super fun and interesting (none of that boring academic crap). On the final exam, we actually listened to a bunch of movie themes (like the Harry Potter theme and the James Bond theme) and asked to name them. Seriously, unless you have been living in a cave for most of your life, there is no way you can not enjoy or fail this class.

4. CSC 167 – Game Strategy

This one is for you all smart ass nerds out there. This class is all about designing your own game. Practicing through…here’s the best part…playing video games! Alright I have said it and I’m sure you are already searching for this class now. You know who you are. Anyways, who knows you might actually make something and end up a billionaire stealing millions of dollars from elementary schoolers stealing their parents credit cards anyway.

5. ASTR 201 – The Search of Life in Universe

I knew I wasn’t the only one who believes ET is real! Come on you gotta believe in aliens?! This class takes you through the galaxy while looking at the possibilities of life beyond obviously Earth and even this Solar System. The best thing is, you don’t even need to have Stephen Hawking to be able to take this class. If you are like me who is not sure what is the difference between a black hole and a warm hole, or how many planets are there in our Solar System, that would be no problem at all! This class is meant for you. Let alone you get to use the awesome telescopes on campus. (great first date as well isn’t it? Gazing upon the stars and showing off by naming the only two constellations you know)

6. GRS 200 – Greek and Roman Mythology

This is by far, one of the most fun, least missed class I have ever taken. You can tell it’s good if you have never missed a class! No knowledge needed. Screw it, no brain even needed as well it’s that easy. It’s basically a story telling class. Just bring your ears and sit back and relax when the professor tells you a story about an ancient Greek god tries to rape a goat. Yes, those stories are all pretty ridiculous and funny like that so you don’t even need to study or try to memorize the content it all goes to long term memory by default. It’s that good trust me. You will not regret this.

7. EPHE 156 – Batman Studies

4. Batman Studies!!!

Need I say more? It’s Batman!

(btw, Ben Affleck? Seriously though right?)

8. HSTR 300B – Hockey Nation: Sports History and Canadian Identity

haha I’m not kidding at all. But can we turn down the Canadianese just a little bit? It’s not like everybody loves hockey eh? Shoot right, everybody does love hockey! And how dare you to question the number four on this list! Shame on you! Go buy a dozen Timbits and meditate on that! If you are a Canadian Hockey Fan, this should be a GPA booster course.

9. MUS 391 A01 – Beyonce!

For a lot of people this class might be super tempting but mysterious but this class really is just about Beyonce! They use her as a case study and look at Pop Culture, Women Sexuality and Fandom, nothing you haven’t already learned from twitter, porn and your secret fan fiction website anyways right? If Queen B is not your jam? (what’s wrong with you?), there is also the Beatles class. If you are a Beyonce fan, this should be an easy class. Some people take this as a bird course at UVic!

10. FA 335 A03 – Live Music and Pop Culture

At this point I feel like UVic is like Leo DiCaprio trying way too hard in the Revenant. If they don’t give him an Oscar this year, he is gonna get himself killed in a shark tank next year. Courses wise, if you don’t call going to concerts and watching concerts on TV and getting credits then you are bat-poop crazy. Don’t believe me? You look it up! They particularly focus on current listening practices which means. If you are into Kanye, or Justin (whichever one you like) or Tay Tay then this is your destiny man! YOLO!

11. HSTR 336T – The Created History of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth

This is the brand new! Lord of the Ring’s class for you all geeks out there! (including me, a closeted girl geek actually) We have been waiting, and waiting and waiting and finally it’s here! In this class we get to submerge ourselves deep into the universe in the Ainulindalë to the War of the Ring. You get to embrace your nerd self completely and making friends as well. You can get together and talk about Lord of the Rings all day and when your mom finally can’t stand the noise and comes to check on you. You can say “We are studying!” with great pride and confidence. Finally, one does not simply end an article without a “One does not simply” meme, so here we go. Thanks for hanging out and have fun with these courses.

Feel free to comment below if I missed any! 


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