Ah, living on ‘the island.’ It’s the dream, right? There are some things you anticipated, and some things you didn’t. Here are 20 things you can only understand if you go to UVic.

1.Dodging cyclists, as well as food trucks and other miscellaneous carts on campus has become an unquestioned part of your daily routine.

2. Bike lanes are a hot topic.

3. Going to Mystic Vale to clear your head.

4. Escaping to ‘the island’ may or may not have been your primary reason for going here.

5. You’re very into outdoor sports.

6. You rush to the fountain when the weather’s finally nice again.

7. But you have to be wary of the pigeons. Because they’ve stolen your food at least once. And you’ve held resentment towards their kind ever since.

8. You’ve heard someone refer to “Island Time,” or have done so yourself. And you used it in relation to the bus schedule.

9. You don’t miss the bunnies. Because they were gone before you even got here.

10. You brag about saying “thank you” to the bus driver as you get off.

11. You’ve heard that Cluster is the place to party, but that hasn’t actually been your experience.

12. You know what this is, and discovering it made you giggle.

13. You’ve briefly considered joining the Quidditch team before.

14. You’ve tasted what the dumpster diving club has cooked, and you’ve liked it. Plus, who doesn’t want a free meal?

15. You’ve climbed on the Cadboro Bay octopus before.

16. You’ve learned what slacklining is, because you saw people do it on orientation day. And every other day in the Quad. And no, it’s not the same as walking on a tightrope.

17. You panic whenever you need to navigate the Cornett building.

18. Seriously, it’s like they never want you to escape.

19. You’re constantly surprised by how nice people are. Because if you’ve ever left something behind at the McPherson Library, chances are, some kind stranger has ALWAYS brought it to the Loan Desk.

20. ‘The campus is beautiful’ may or may not have been the other primary reason you chose to go here.


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