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Being a fine arts student is great! Most of the time. Like all faculties, this one has its shortcomings from time to time. Here are 10 things Fine Arts students at UVic understand.

1. You miss Professor Butterfield, who taught your Creative Being class. You thought his glasses looked like Waldo’s, and you loved the fact that he used a lantern to lead your tour of the Fine Arts buildings at the beginning of the semester.

2. Your TA showed you a video of a younger Butterfield in his band, KLO, in one of your tutorials. That, and only that, was the sole reason you enjoyed that class.

3. Because the rest of the time? You were inundated with artsy jargon and highfalutin language which you could never make sense of.

4. Marshall McLuhan. That is all.

5. Grades pretty much mean nothing to you because art is in the eye of the overly self-critical artist.

6. If you’re a writing student, you’re absolutely terrified anytime you have to share your writing with others. You wish that editing wasn’t a thing.

7. Instead of final exams, you get to write final papers. You’re excited about that until you start fantasizing about committing hari-kari with each subsequent thesis and paragraph you wrench out of your numbed, overdrawn mind.

8. If you’re a visual arts student, you may or may not have had to paint a colour wheel in class, while you simultaneously pictured your money being flushed down the toilet.

9. Similarly, you’ve heard the “Art Degree Dispenser” comment from at least one salty engineering or science student.

10. But you don’t care. Because you know that you’re following your passion.


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