UVic is a great school, and there are certain things that unite all who go there. Here are 10 Signs You Go to UVic.

1. You love the outdoors.

Victoria has prime weather and for outdoor activities, and UVic takes advantage of that fact, with the Outdoors Club, Sailing Club, and even slacklining.

2. You often muse about how you miss the bunnies.

The expression is “multiply like rabbits” for a reason. UVic used to have 1000s of bunnies, but they were shipped off to various places years ago. Now you’re lucky if you see one or two lurking around campus.

3. You bike. Everywhere.

Many people prefer to bike rather than ride to school (see #1). It’s environmentally friendly, and it saves time! Who wouldn’t, honestly?

4. You’ve bought at least one school sweater – even if you have no school spirit – just to say you did it.

Even if you’re not part of a sports team or club, you will experience that itch once in a while that tells you to buy a piece of school memorabilia. Just to commemorate these four years (or five, or more – who finishes school on time these days?).

5. You hold the door for people.

Victorians are notoriously polite. Sometimes too polite. But, if you’re going to have a reputation, it might as well be that.

6. You know who this guy is.

For years Lukash Zalubniak, sociology student, brightened up the campus by holding the door for people in his neon-highlighter clothing, while singing joyously and bopping to the music in his oversized headphones. He was certainly someone you could not help but smile at on your way to class. Luke, if you’re reading this, keep doing your thing.

7. You fiercely defend your school whenever someone compares it to UBC.

At a family dinner, or wherever the school to which you swore is called into question, you fiercely bring up its expansive cherry blossoms that shower the ground with petals in springtime, the nearby Cadboro Bay’s beautiful view, and relaxing island chill. Nobody’s shooting down your school that easily.

8. You’ve accidentally fallen asleep on the silent floor of McPherson library before.

What? When you’re staring at a screen in a grey cubicle for two hours straight, reading about the Industrial Revolution in an eerily silent place, you’re bound to get a little sleepy-eyed. Don’t tell me you haven’t done it too. It’s like a rite of passage.

9. Your Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) gets that much worse when you see the quad fountain is drained for the winter.

When the quad fountain is drained, that officially signals that winter is coming. That means less time outdoors and more people with SAD. What joy.

10. You love the way the parliament buildings are all lit up at nighttime downtown.

You make trips downtown just to look at the beauty of the parliament buildings. It looks so regal and grand. The nearby harbour doesn’t have such a bad view either.


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