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Looking to fill those last three credits next semester with an easy course guaranteed to never make you pull an all nighter or have a mental breakdown at University of Virginia? Well look no further, these are 10 of the Easiest Classes at UVA!

1. Genetics for an Informed Citizen — BIOL 1050

It turns out “informed citizen” is just code for someone who’s bad at science. All you non pre-med majors still in need of math and sciences credits—rejoice! This is a science class you’ll actually be able to understand (and pass). Homework is rare, tests are short and multiple choice, grades are curved, and class attendance is optional. What else could a non-science person want from a science class?

2. Learn to Groove — MUSI 2340

This class is on every “must take” list of UVA classes, and for good reason. MUSI 2340 consists of a bi-weekly drum circle. That’s it. Students drum away their stress, learn a few patterns, and chill with Professor Jospe—aka “The Man.” The waiting list for this class is endless, but you should still get on it every semester in hopes of one day being part of UVA’s most elite drum circle.

3. How Theater Works — DRAM 1010

Want to mix up your schedule of math, science, writing, and language courses? How Theater Works is guaranteed to be unlike any class you’ve taken at UVA. Although the Drama Building is practically off campus, the walk is well worth it. This course teaches students the basic aspects of theater through minimal reading and more hands on participation. As one former member of this class declared, “Everyone and their mother needs to take DRAM 1010.”

4. Teaching as a Profession — EDIS 2012

Don’t let the name scare you—you can take this class even if you haven’t even considered teaching as a profession. Class is typically let out early, readings aren’t necessary, and the hardest part of the course is a 10-hour tutoring requirement at a local elementary school (which is more adorable than hard). Basically, “if you show up and turn things in eventually you can’t do badly.”

5. Intro to Tibetan Buddhism — RELB 2054

Although there’s no mediation or yoga involved in this course, it’s still one of the easiest classes you can take at UVA. Former students generally agree that either the readings or class attendance is necessary, but both is overkill. On average, these students spent no more than 4 hours a week on this class, including readings and/or lecture attendance. RELB 2054 is an easy way to knock out both the non-western perspective and religion requirements in one class, and spend as little time as possible doing it.

6. Theory and Practice of Yoga — RELH 2195

Disappointed by RELB 2054’s lack of meditation and yoga? Look no further, Theory and Practice of Yoga’s discussion section is legitimately a 50-minute yoga session. And although the course isn’t all about who has the strongest “Warrior 1” stance, the material taught in lecture is actually interesting and the work is minimal. The homework is a yoga log, the midterm is multiple choice, and the final paper is an easy essay. RELH 2195 is so easy and stress-free that it’ll be sure to bring our your inner yogi in the midst of an otherwise heavy course load.

7. Criminology—SOC 2230

The overall consensus on this course is that it’s incredibly interesting, super easy, and one of everyone’s favorite classes offered at UVA. Showing up to lecture and taking good notes will earn you an A, but the engaging subject matter and professor is really what makes this class a breeze. Professor McConnell is “the perfect person to teach this class,” since he keeps the lecture material interesting and relevant, focusing heavily on theories of why crime is committed. Long story short, any Law and Order fan needs to be adding this course to their SIS shopping cart ASAP.

8. Principles and Practices of Arts Administration — ARAD 3100

If you are remotely interested in art, TAKE THIS CLASS. It’s not only a breeze, but by the end of it you’ll have a bucket list of incredible museums to go to. The course actually contains pretty cool information, delving students into case studies about museums, galleries, and art dealers. Essays aren’t graded harshly; they’re based on personal thought and opinion, and graded mainly on creativity. ARAD 3100 is a perfect fit for any right-brained students with an eye for art.

9. Human Biology and Disease — BIOL 1210

Everyone set down your flashcards, log out of Quizlet, and breathe a sigh of relief—Professor Seidel doesn’t believe in memorization! All her tests for this course are open notes, and the two papers are only a page long. As if it couldn’t get any better, she genuinely wants her students to learn the information, so she goes over homework before it’s handed in and will give you pretty clear cut instructions and tips for your papers at office hours. Students conclude that going to class and office hours will earn you near perfect grades, and getting to know Professor Seidel will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

10. Introduction to Child Psychology—PSYC 2700

The key to loving is this class is taking it with Professor Vaish. Semester after semester students rave about her, and how easy and enjoyable she makes this class. Professor Vaish isn’t one of those professors who will try to trick you or ask picky, irrelevant tests questions (and let’s be honest, we’ve all experienced these painful professors). She asks straightforward questions from material taught in her lectures, and the clicker questions are a pretty good indicator of what will be on her tests. As a result, test averages are consistently above 90. Not only is she transparent with test material, but she’s also a great lecturer and passionately engages students in the material. Essentially, Professor Vaish is the professor of every student’s dreams.



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