Lee Coppock is one of the best professors at the University of Virginia so far.  He teaches Macroeconomics and does it in the best way possible.  We all know macroeconomics is not one of the most interesting topics unless you really love it, but Coppock does not make it feel like it’s boring.  Here is a list of some of the things that he has done so far in class to keep us engaged.

1. You might make it to his Twitter page.

On the first day of class this semester, Coppock told us that we needed to follow him on Twitter because he got it solely to communicate with his students easier.  Through his Twitter, he will share articles related to what we are learning in class and tell us if we need to read them.  He also uses it to share important numbers with us such as GDP and unemployment rate, as soon as they are released.  And sometimes just to get you to follow him he will take a sweet picture of your whole lecture class to share on his Twitter.

2. You might get some money out of coming to class.


Coppock makes it a point to tell us that the only cash he carries with him is two dollar bills.  At the beginning of the semester, he used this to demonstrate how trade is a voluntary exchange, by saying he needed an orange pen and was willing to pay someone for it.  After asking several students in class how much they would want for the pen, he settled on with a student for $2.40.

3. He keeps you engaged in lecture.

students paying attention

Through all of his little antics, Coppock definitely keeps you engaged throughout the hour he lectures.  He only lectures for an hour, even though our class is set for an hour and fifteen minutes, and he does this on purpose.  At the beginning of most classes, Coppock has a video that is somehow related to what we are learning that day.  Several times these have been music videos where Coppock later picks out lyrics that we can relate to our current subject.

4. The class goes by so fast.


With a class that typically moves pretty fast, it never feels like we are sitting there for very long.  Coppock doesn’t over explain topics like a lot of professors, which is where a lot of interest is lost in classes.  Coppock also has every class perfectly planned.  We always finish right on time, never later that what he tells us, and from the start of class, you know exactly what you will be doing that day.  He keeps the class moving so you will never dread having to go.

5.  You can spend the whole semester trying to figure out how many kids he has.


This is one that many people are still trying to figure out, as Coppock makes sly remarks almost every class about “all of his kids,’ or his “dozens of kids,” but no one for sure knows how many children he has.  Every time he mentions one of them in class it leaves your mind running wild for how many does he truly have?  Maybe one day we will finally find out.

Because of all these reasons, sometime while you are at UVA, you need to take this class with Professor Lee Coppock.  None of this class has felt like a waste of time.  Coppock shows us real-world examples every class so we can see first hand how concepts apply to our life.  He is the best and it is definitely worth your time.

Shelby Davis

I am a first year at the University of Virginia, hoping to study Business and Marketing. I am a member of YoungLife and the Club Softball team here.

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