1. Any Virginia Tech Gear

2. Wine Opener

This is because you’ll be drinking it from a bag!

3. Your dog, cat or pet

If you are attached to your fury friend, we would suggest getting a pet camera. There are very strict policies against having animals at college.

4. Nails for pictures

Nailing pictures is against the rules. Stick with posters and approved adhesive to decorate your new home.

5. A toaster

Toasters are banned. You will need to leave your “Brave Little Toaster” at home

6. Expensive bikes

Unless you are the next Lance Armstrong, leave your $10k bike at home. College is a prime spot for theft and bikes rank as one of the most stolen items on campus.

7. Your highschool letterman

Just stop right there! If you are that attached to your high school, you should enroll for another year. High school is done. Keep calm and move on.

8. Your parents

DO NOT BRING YOUR PARENTS TO COLLEGE! Sorry mom and dad! You are going to have to stay at home.

9. Valuable items

You won’t need your 24k gold diamond stud earrings for your 8 am calculus class.

10. Anything your roommate already has

Take time to plan with your roommate to avoid bringing the same items that can be shared.

11. Drugs

Do not bring illegal drugs like marijuana, MDMA, esctasy, etc. to college. Getting caught posessing/consuming illegal drugs can lead to expulsion, jail time, or even death. Don’t risk it!

12. Guns and weapons

Do not bring guns and other weapons to college. They pose a risk to you and your fellow peers. Females are recommended to consider carring sexual assault device devices like pepperspray.

13. Long distance relationships

Around 40% of long distance relationships fail and last only four and a half months. This is even higher among college students. Leave any LDRs at home and be free your first year. You won’t regret it.

14. Too many clothes

Bringing too many clothes to college is something that can and should be avoided.

15. Candles

This is a big no-no. Candles are banned in all residences. They pose fire hazards to you and your fellow students.

16. Tablet

If you have a laptop, you will not need tablet. Save your money.

17. Binders

Everything is in the cloud now! You can get your notes on OneClass. You can scan any piece of paper using CamScanner. You will not need binders. Period.

18. Halogen Lights

Bring halogen lights to college causes risk of explosion and harm to you and your fellow peers.

19. Fake IDs

Using Fake IDs is from websites like chfake.com is illegal and can result in fines and jail time. If you are going to get a fake id, make sure it at least looks like you.

20. Air Conditioners

Bring a fan instead.

21. Hoverboards

There are many safety concerns surrounding hoverboards. Plus, you will definitely get made fun of.

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