It’s midterms week and you’re either prepping for an upcoming one or feeling the aftermath of one that you just had. Your dorm feels too far away or you’re a commuter, but you just need a few minutes to rest! It’s not strange to see someone passed out on a couch or in a chair out in public because you feel the same way. Any piece of furniture can be used as a bed if you try hard enough.


The HUB commons

In the morning or evening, the HUB’s usual noise is at its lowest, and there’s usually a decent amount of chairs and couches left open for you to lie down in and take a nap. Though the couches are incredibly comfy, the large purple chairs are most preferable. When you rest your back against them, they angle you in a perfectly relaxing position that’ll have you knocked out in minutes. If you’re a commuter, the Commuter & Transfer Commons has a few nice chairs to sleep in as well. Be aware that the HUB is closed on Sundays, so if you’re trying to cram for a Monday morning midterm, maybe search for a different sleeping spot.


View of Odegaard Library’s 3rd floor

As great as the couches and chairs are on the 1st floor, it can get a little hectic and the noise may not be quite suitable. If you love complete silence, the 3rd floor is PERFECT. The chairs aren’t the most comfortable kind in the world (though the ones by the group/large wooden tables and the gray revolving chairs are super snug), but the quiet environment makes up for it.

Bonus: Odegaard is open 24/7! Your nap could easily turn into an overnight stay if that’s your goal for studying for midterms.


Suzzallo Library reading room

Again, as uncomfortable as the wooden chairs may be, the majestic atmosphere of the Suzzallo Library Reading Room on the 2nd floor will put you in a trance. It’s a quiet-study room, so little to no sound will be emitted.


It’s a great place for some quiet group study and clocking in that 15-minute nap while your friends are working. This is proven by the two people in the center of the photo with their heads down on the desks. Not a great variety of comfy chairs, so if that’s your main priority, try to snag one of those green fabric chairs pictured above.


Orange area

Hearing from other students and looking at pictures, there seems to be a good amount of nice chairs and couches to rest on in the Orange Area of the library. It’s located next to UW’s Hospital, so it’s more convenient for those who don’t mind the trek or already is around this building’s area.


As seen in the background of the 2 pictures above, there are some comfy fabric chairs in the Built Environments Library. It’s found in Gould Hall, which is conveniently near most dorm buildings, the Ave, and campus.


Not only is the architecture stunning, so is the interior (despite my having not been there). Students have said that it’s a dead silent library and study groups don’t really exist there, but that makes it that much better as a sleeping spot.

If this wasn’t helpful enough, there’s always where you can look up study spots based on your specific needs!


Genela Cereno

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