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Ever wondered what it is like to be part of University of Washington? Here we have created a list with 10 Things You Can Only Understand If You Go To University of Washington!

1. The DM is expensive.

You live on West Campus. You’re on a level one dining plan. What do you do? Go to Local Point instead. But seriously, it’s like twice as cheap.

2. Who designed Red Square???

This is a rant. We’re a top-tier public flagship research university and we can’t design a space that properly drains after some rain? Want to avoid getting your shoes extremely wet? Avoid Red Square.

3. Registration – Part 1

Why is registration at 6 AM????? This seems like an outdated thing to me. I could’ve sworn my parent’s friends complained about this too. Time to change it to 8 AM, at least.

4. Registration – Part 2

The internet is down. Want to properly register for classes? Go to the Starbucks. No, not the one on the Ave, because that one is going to be full at 6 AM. Go to one of the ones on Capitol Hill.

5. Registration – Part 3

The finale to this rant. MyPlan is cool and all, but it’s not up-to-date. Want the most recent class sizes? Use the old versions of everything. Apparently, updated versions sometimes make things worse.

6. Bubble Tea.

Nobody knows what got it so popular in the U-District, but it’s there anyways. There’s at least one on every block. It’s the Starbucks of UW.

7. The rain.

It becomes depressing to look at only rain for six or more weeks. It’s Seattle, after all. The solution? North Face and Patagonia rain jackets. Those are life savers.

8. Winter Quarter.

More studying. More hard classes. And in the mi<d>st (pun intended) of things, more rain. Ladies and gentlemen, that is why you shouldn’t take a hard courseload during Winter Quarter.

9. Padelford.

This building really requires its own essay, but I’ll try to sum it pretty quick. I feel so sorry for the people that have classes there. More so, there are people that have to WORK there. Have fun navigating a maze and discovering the UW has escalators (YES, ESCALATORS in Padelford).

10. Suzallo

It’s scary to even make a peep here, but that’s actually pretty nice. For once, you can find a place where it’s always decently quiet. I know people that are so scared of that place that they actually end up turning off their phones when they enter.


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