1. We’re in Seattle, you’re in Pullman

Although you can try and tell us that we don’t get snow (which we sometimes do), our climate is bearable; yours isn’t. Along with all the other things that come with Seattle, being awesome, having a campus next to a large city is probably one of the biggest pros of being at UW.

2. We’re next to the ocean.

You wouldn’t be able to realize how much of a difference being next to a large body of water is. Everybody should know that “long walks on the beach” are beneficial for your health and your Tinder profile. You can’t take those walks if your body of water is the swimming pool.

3. We’ve beaten you at the Apple Cup

OK, so UW is currently leading 71-32-6 in the Apple Cup against WSU and have won the last four games, and will hopefully make it five this year. I know there is a lot of beef between these football teams, and because of that, I’ll give WSU credit for those times you won. Y’all did well those times.

4. You don’t have a real-life mascot.

We have Dubs, a real-life Alaskan Malamute, who is always on campus meeting students. It’s awesome to have a chance to meet your mascot in real life. Oh, and he has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And quite a following. Do you have a cougar walking around campus? No, didn’t think so, because that would be dangerous. Meanwhile, I’m hugging Dubs.

5. We have the Husky Stadium.

You have Martin Stadium; we have HUSKY STADIUM, which is nearly twice as big, and even larger in capacity than CenturyLink Field. Think about that. OUR STADIUM IS LARGER THAN CENTURYLINK. WHERE THE SEAHAWKS PLAY. How awesome is it to stand on the field to take a picture before the first day of class freshman year? Pretty awesome? What about going to games down the street at an actually large stadium? Also pretty awesome.

6. We have awesome alumni.

Bruce Lee, Joel McHale, Anna Faris, to name a few. Not a lot of people knew Bruce Lee went to UW, and that’s because UW chose not to brag about it. We don’t need to. We’re an awesome school as is.

7. We have more majors for people to choose from.

Anybody that goes to UW will have the opportunity to study something they love. In fact, if you can think of a way to somehow merge Computer Science and Jazz Performance, you will probably find that somebody has done it before. Interested in American Deaf Culture? We have classes for that.

8. Remember that one time you put our Quad on your planner?

We know people like our buildings. That’s because tourists visit the campus nearly every season. Sometimes we like to brag a little about the Quad, I know. But I laugh hysterically when I remember how WSU put a picture of our quad on their 2014-2015 planner. This is no joke. We had a good laugh that year and still remember that, and probably won’t ever forget.

9. We have cooler buildings.

Suzallo, Drumheller Fountain, Smith, Savery, Miller, Raitt, the list goes on. I don’t think you can compare our buildings to even some of the ones that are in Downtown Seattle. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being able to walk around campus and studying inside libraries that look like they’re out of Harry Potter. No joke, the reading room in Suzallo Library is compared to the Hogwarts Library in Harry Potter.

10. The Cherry Blossoms

We try to avoid the Quad at all costs when the cherry’s blossom at the end of March, and that’s because tourists flock there, it’s streamed on Facebook, YouTube, UWTV, you name it. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and honestly, it makes me realize I made the best decision of choosing to go to UW.


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