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When it comes to registration, there are a bunch of things that factor into building the best schedule. I think that the actual classroom is often overlooked. Sometimes I sacrifice the short walking distance between classes to just have a better classroom where it is easier to stay engaged and comfortably learn. Here’s my list of some of the best/most interesting classrooms on the UW Seattle Campus.

1. Paccar 290 (Safeco)

This is one of the classrooms in the Foster School of Business buildings. You get incredibly comfortable seating, modern lighting, and the whole classroom is U-shaped, rather than C-shaped, which I like a lot more because it makes more tough to get a seat that has a bad view of the screen. You’ll be good with any room in Paccar, because the building is very new, and the chairs and classrooms are all well-designed and very modern.

2. Smith 120

Even though its uncomfortable to constantly have to wait in the stairwell when arriving early, you should definitely look forward to the insane amount of leg room in the back rows. It’s like the economy class was suddenly transformed into business. A bonus: Smith is on the Quad, so you should definitely try hard to get classes in there for spring quarter.

3. Condon 135

Infamous for being incredibly far from the rest of campus, most of the classrooms in Condon are great because of their wide, shared desks. Also, if you are living near west campus, Condon is great for having classes, just because you have the opportunity to wake up five minutes before class starts and walk across the street to their lecture in their pajamas.

4. Electrical Engineering Building 125

OK, so this lecture hall is structured to be amazingly steep. I’ve heard that it’s also part underground, so I guess if you’re into cool structural engineering, you might be into that. Not a lot of people realize this as well, but if you sit perfectly in the middle, you’ll have great posture for the entire class, because you’ll be staring right ahead at the projection screen.

5. Savery 130

It’s something about those chairs that make them the most comfortable on campus. Savery is on the quad, but is one of the few buildings in that area that has been renovated/remodeled, which gives it this awesome, upscale look.

6. Gowen 301

This classroom still has the 1930s vibe, but it’s incredibly polished, and I’ve come to incredibly love taking classes there. The old polished design is also quite different from what you would find anywhere else on campus, which is why most students like having classes here. The windows also face the quad and during the spring time and sunlight fills the room, which makes the beauty of the room even more resounding.

7. Smith 211

The chair backs are really long, which may make them more comfortable for some people. The windows also face the quad, and it’s on the smaller side of the lecture halls in UW. I also find it quite interesting that the projector room overhangs the auditorium. Weird, but interesting.

8. Electrical Engineering Building 003

This is one of the C-shaped rooms, and it’s definitely nice to sit in the center of the room in the second or third rows. Something about the lighting in this room is different, because a lot of the light is focused on the screen, which (if you’re still sleepy) makes this a great place to have your first class of the day.

9. Bank of America Executive Education Center (long name lol) (EXED) 110

This room definitely has the best thermostat on campus. When it started to get cold last October, this lecture hall was my savior. In fact, it may have motivated me to go to class instead of heading back to my dorm, just because warmth was so much closer.

10. Sieg 224/225/226

You could describe these rooms like apartments in downtown Seattle: great view, location, and space. I Sieg is a lot better than most people think. In fact, most people probably haven’t ever had a class in Sieg, unless they’re part of a club like Batman’s Kitchen (UWCTF – there’s your plug).

11. Fisheries 102

If you’re willing to make the long trek down to Fisheries, then hope for a class in 102. It’s a relatively small room, and the auditorium seats feel like something as comfortable as in the symphony. I don’t think enough people realize that Fisheries is quite a new building, so most of the other rooms/auditoriums there are pretty nice as well.


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