As much fun as living in residence may seem to be, once you do start living here, you get a reality check very soon. Here are 5 things that you are going to face if you live in Residence at UWaterloo:

1. Too far from the main building

One of the main drawbacks living in residence at UWaterloo is the huge distance between the residences and the main buildings. The struggle is real for lazy bums who want to roll out of bed one minute and be in class the next minute. Residences such as Ron Eydt Village and Columbia Lake Village are especially far and getting to class in the snow without a tunnel is a humongous challenge.

2. Food

The food at a few residences, especially Ron Eydt Village, serves only mediocre food with small servings. If you have a large appetite and consider yourself to be worthy of being on MasterChef America’s panel, then you may want to consider Village 1 or UWP, otherwise you will end up spending a lot money for average food.

3. Not much peace or quiet

Living in residence also means that there is going to be someone around you regardless of what time it is. Studying in residence is hard, so you may want to find your own secret spot to get away from the madness once in a while.

4. Residence parties suck

Imagine 40 people cramped up in a small room with almost no lighting and warm, diluted vodka in cups. That is exactly what most parties in residence are like. If you want to go to a legit party, a residence party may not be your best bet.

5. No privacy

A hundred odd people around you doesn’t really leave a lot of space for having any “me-time”, which you will really crave once you start living on residence. Since hiding under your bed isn’t the best alternative, finding your own favorite place to go and chill  is key to surviving in residence.

Living in residence is a great way to get to know lots of people and make friends for life. If you can get past these struggles and find your way around them, living on residence may turn out to be one of your best years at university.

Sanjana Sidhu

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