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As many of you know, Waterloo offers over 100s of courses. Many students struggle each year during course selection. Well, struggle no more…Here are the top 10 Fun, Exciting and Coolest Classes at University of Waterloo!

1. WS 325 – Austen

Are you a fan of Pride and Prejudice? Emma? Sense and Sensibilities? Or are you interested in reading some of Jane Austen’s more personal works such as letters and plays? Then this could be the course for you. “How quick come the reasons for approving what we like!”

2. SMF 211 – Dynamics of Dating

Are you sorting out some serious relationship issues? If so, you might as well get graded for it! This course examines the dynamics of intimate relationships, hook-up culture, pop culture and more. Is Tinder a study resource?

3. BIOL 225-Plants and Civilization

This course examines the importance of plants and the role they have in the local and global community. Plants can be sources of food, medicine, fuel, shelter, and clothing. Dang, plants are cool 🙂

4. SMF 216 – Sexual Pleasure

This course explores the recreational aspects of human sexuality including sex toys, romantic passion and role-playing. Is there a practical component?

5. SCBUS 123 – Science & Business Workshop 1

Students work in teams to analyze science-related case studies and present their ideas to their peers. This course is the real deal and happens to be a degree program as well. So if you like science but want to develop some more employable skills check it out!

6. ENGL 108P – Popular Potter

This course examines all seven of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels. Major themes in the books are explored and discussed among peers. Course materials include a wand, cauldron and owl, cat or toad. If you are a Harry Potter Fan, you can easily ace this course. This would probably considered as a easy bird course for you at University of Waterloo.

7. BIOL 355 – Biology of Human Aging

This course identifies the types of diseases that we face as we age, why we age and the medical treatments available for the elderly. Don’t worry, it’s not as depressing as it sounds…

8. ENGL 108T – Tolkien: From Book to Film

A study of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit (1937) and The Lord of the Rings (1954-55). Additional fees include transportation to Mordor via eagle and extra credit is given to students shorter than 4ft tall.

9. AVIA 101 – Professional Pilot Program Course I

In this course, you get to fly a plane. Students enrolled are eligible to write the Transport Canada Private Pilot Licence – Airplane examination and receive a Bachelor of Science degree as well.

10. PSYCH 232 – Psychology of Evil

The ONLY course to make you question the intentions of your closest friends. Psychological perspectives concerning definitions, causes, and consequences of personal evils will be explored.



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