A class of 400 students can be an intimidating experience, not getting enough personal attention and other distractions can take away the interest as well as your grades in the said course. Sociology 101 is one such course, so here are 4 tips on how to ace this course at UWaterloo:

1. Pay attention to lectures in class

This is not one of the courses in which you can get away by not attending classes and studying later from the slides that are posted. A lot of the questions in the exams are based on what the professor says in class which is not present in the slides or the book, so pay attention!

2. Discussion posts

Discussion posts are an important component of this course, so nailing them gives you an easy 20% of your overall grade. Although quality always triumphs quantity, elaborating on each point that you write about is essential in getting you a higher grade.                                               

3. Read between the lines  

Pictures, videos and questions mentioned in the slides which may look irrelevant and of no use are actually important and questions could be based on them in the mid-terms and finals. So, paying close attention to minuscule details on the slides will help you out in the long run.

4. Record the lecture 

Since it isn’t possible to write down every single question that is discussed in class or recall everything that is said by the professor, recording the lecture may be a loophole to help solve this problem. Listening to the recording later will help you recall small details that are mentioned in class that you wouldn’t have remember and will also become a source of auditory learning.

Sociology 101 is a great course if you have the right tools to help you out throughout the term and ace the course. By using these tips you can open yourself to a world of options that you wouldn’t have found if you weren’t able to overcome obstacles you face daily in a classroom.


Sanjana Sidhu

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