Something that all students need and crave… A Break! The University of Waterloo, a school notoriously known for having the least number of holidays or closures in Canada is gearing up for the fast approaching “Reading Week” in February. This initiative taken by the University of Waterloo is to help students de-stress and refresh their minds to come back to their rigorous routine with a renewed zeal and enthusiasm. These are a few things UW Warriors have planned to help kick back and get in touch with their core. Top 9 things for the 9 day break:

1. Netflix In Dorm Rooms

What’s better than the warmth of your bed and the hilarious Sofia Vergara featuring in your marathon of the Modern Family right on your lap. Sipping on hot chocolate and the endless supplies of cookies is all you would spend on (along with the Netflix subscription). To make this more fun invite your friends over to marathon movie series.

2. Gymming and Fitness Freakout

Many have gym featuring most of their hours on their schedule for the break. A month of procrastination and assignments getting in their way, this week promises a completion of their New Years resolution.  Cutting a few pounds gained through binge eating while studying and toning their bodies is definitely what most students have in their mind “at the moment”.

3. Catch Up On Those Never Ending Assignments/ Readings

Well for those who haven’t really started the semester yet have this break to get life back on track. Probably get those pending assignments way past due dates and assigned readings from the second week of lectures done. This break could possibly be their break from endless delaying and justice to their guilt.

4. How To Get Away With Sleep 101

Your body needs the much due hibernation. Half-way through the semester with few nights of stressful sleeping, the body deserves that soft, fluffy pillow and that cold room in which you snuggle in with your warm enveloping comforter.

 5. Go on that Road Trip

It’s been a month since you last stepped foot outside campus, home and dorms. The same boring buildings who once marveled you now have become monotonous and surprisingly boring to look at. To just leave and hit the roads with friends and/ or family, to blast music, to experience something new definitely features on the to-do list of many warriors.

6. Play Board Games From the UW Libraries

Renting games and organizing board game themed parties is not so much as popular as exciting for the few who have very passionately expressed their interest in reliving child hood memories. Passing the dice and moving the pawns up the ladders and ludo are definitely by far the most popular ones. Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, JENGA and Clue are common interests for many.

7. Where the Credit Cards at?

Yes, stocking up for the remainder of the semester… Hit the Mall! It may seem that this break marks the end of half the semester but what few mistake this as a checkpoint, in reality it is the time you could possibly gear up for the more hectic time of the semester. This also, covers the fun spending on new clothes and shoes!

8. Touching Base…

It may be time for you to share the burden of responsibility with your family, to feel dependent again and get back to the comfort of home, be with family and be directed around by parents. This is a very popular discussion at UW, where kids discuss when they would get back to their beds at home. This could possibly be the best time, mid-sem where one could fly back to their nest.

9. Finding oneself again!

It took a lot of courage for all the students to get through all the ups and downs throughout the semester half way through. Many hope to sort life back together and sharpen their aim to get back to University completely aware about oneself and the courses. The consensus for most of the Warriors are to hit the nature camps in Waterloo, ON.

Everyone at Waterloo has circled the 19th of Feb as the ‘Independence Day’ on their calendars and are anxiously waiting to bury the course work deep below for a week to detox and hit refresh. What do you have planned for your break?


Aasim Yacub

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