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Top 10 Professors at the University of Waterloo

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David Mello

Waterloo, you couldn't escape if you wanted to! Fortunately, nobody wants to escape the University of Waterloo because of the excellent teachers. Here are the ten best professors at Waterloo:

1. Brenda Lee

Professor of Biology Rating: 5.0 Department: Biology Courses Taught by Professor Lee: MATH119 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor Lee: “She's dope. Made a boring subject more fun. Always there for the students, and is happy to sit down and review everything with you outside of class. I went to her office hours every week.” “Amazing prof with an ability to make difficult concepts much easier than they seem. Gives you a breakdown of what's to come in the final exam, prepares review packages and extra review sessions and extra office hours. All around solid prof who deeply cares for her students.” “One of the harder Calc courses I took. Difficult final, but she gave a lot of extra review sessions. Awesome shirts. Really cares for students, and gives fair but long exams. You really have to study what she tells you to study. She gives a lot of hints but I did a lot of practice so did well compared to some of my buddies.”

2. Yongqiang Zhao

Professor of Mathematics Rating: 5.0 Department: Mathematics Courses Taught by Professor Zhao MATH136 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor Zhao “Actual legend, skip your own section and go to his, it'll be worth it.” “Explains everything exceptionally clearly.” “Simply the best!”

3. Scott Leatherdale

Professor of Health Science Rating: 5.0 Department: Health Science Courses Taught by Professor Leatherdale HLTH102 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor Leatherdale “Such a great professor and really shows that he cares for his students. Pretty easy to do well in HLTH 102 if you show up and listen to what he emphasizes as important because he'll use it for the midterms and finals. One of the best professors in public health at UW.” “He is an awesome teacher. He really cares about his students & wants you to get super excited about the future of health. Super helpful in and out of class! His assignments are very practical.” “He makes class so much more interesting. Way better than Health 101. I'm in love.”

4) Karin Schmidlin

Professor of Art Rating: 5.0 Department: Art Courses Taught by Professor Schmidlin GBDA103 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor Schmidlin “Karin is a wonderful instructor and mentor, and her classes are a perfect combination of beautiful, carefully-designed lectures and hands-on activity where she will both inspire and challenge you to think outside the box. Karin practices what she preaches and if you are passionate about creating outstanding user experiences, you'll love her class!” “Best teacher I've ever had. Cares about her students and wants them to succeed.” “Best prof I've ever had! I have gotten her help on multiple other projects even though I am no longer taking her class! She is awesome!”

5) Eric Blais

Professor of Computer Science Rating: 5.0 Department: Computer Science Courses Taught by Professor Blais CS341 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor Blais “Really nice prof, to be honest, he should be one of the best profs I've ever had in UW for CS courses. I took CS341 with him which is kinda rare, but he is very engaging during lectures and enforces "group discussions", makes me think and follow along during lectures. Very inspirational, however he is not very active on piazza. His lectures is really amazing!” “Amazing lectures. Will take this prof whenever possible.” “Amazing professor. The assignments are very tough but if you do them you will do well in the exams.”

6) Paul McDonald

Professor of Health Science Rating: 5.0 Department: Health Science Courses Taught by Professor McDonald HLTH443 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor McDonald “Very engaging and tries to throw in humour here and there to make the class more enjoyable. Extremely willing to help and genuine interest in helping students succeed in their health careers. Great to approach for advice on post undergraduate paths.” “Fabulous prof. Made the course really interesting. Very engaging and funny. Really cares about students. Very fair. Willing to listen to your perspective.” “He actually cares about how you do in his class. He wants you to succeed unlike other profs. His slides are well organized and clear. He's a really good prof. Take his class if you have the opportunity.”

7) Meena Sharify-Funk

Professor of Religion Rating: 5.0 Department: Religion Courses Taught by Professor Funk RS216 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor Funk “There are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe how wonderful Meena is. She's the best prof I've ever had in my whole life, shes genuine and kind and so helpful. She also knows every student by there first and last names....she cares about everyone...simply the best ever!” “An amazing genuine professor that will go to all lengths to help and inspire her students.” “A great professor.”

8) Adam Neale

Professor of Electrical Engineering Rating: 5.0 Department: Electrical Engineering Courses Taught by Professor Neale ECE140 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor Neale “Great guy, great prof.” “One of the greatest Profs out there on campus. He is willing to help and won't stop until you understand the material. He goes out of his way to help students that are struggling as well as you can have a conversation with him about anything. He is a great role model and highly would recommend going to his classes as he know how to explain topics.” “Very helpful and genuinely seems to care about his students. Incredibly engaging in class and goes out of his way to ensure you know WHY you're learning the material he teaches. Can be a bit sassy when the room gets too loud, and definitely make sure you do the assigned questions, but overall thank your lucky stars if you have him as a prof.”

9) Erik Woody

Professor of Psychology Rating: 5.0 Department: Psychology Courses Taught by Professor Woody PSYCH457 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor Woody “One of the best professors I have worked with. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, and will take the time to help you understand the course and to receive a good grade. He is interesting to listen to during lectures, and does not make you buy expensive textbooks. There is a good amount of course work, though, so be prepared for that.” “The best professor I have ever had. It was truly an honour having him teach me. He is very helpful and intelligent.” “The best teacher ever!”

10) Dan Roche

Professor of Computer Science Rating: 5.0 Department: Computer Science Courses Taught by Professor Roche CS240 – Learn More Student Reviews of Professor Roche “This guy is awesome I loved his class, some of the assignment and midterms he made a bit hard but other than that he is a cool guy and good teacher.” “This guy is great. Only class I've ever had perfect attendance in.” “Great prof, explains things very clearly. Tries to make jokes in class to lighten the atmosphere.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Waterloo

1) Human Behavior by Chris Bauch

chris bauch waterloo Faculty: Applied Mathematics According to Bauch, infectious diseases tend to be most commonly viewed as physical beasts. However, he believes there is a crucial element of sociability that connects to diseases. His study focuses on using mathematics to show that the way humans behave contributes to the spread of these diseases.

2) Power of Unions by Chris Riddell

chris riddell waterloo Faculty: Economics In today's day and age, it is not uncommon to witness major corporations not obeying the law. According to research, Riddell has found that corporations have one major Kryptonite when it comes to obeying the law. Unions have the power to force the hands of conglomerates.

3) Distant Patient Monitoring by Hassan Askari

hassan askari waterloo Faculty: Engineering When patients undergo surgery, they are sent home and counted on to monitor their own health in terms of whether or not they need to make a return visit to the hospital. However, this is not ideal and there might be a new solution for the doctors who monitor them. Askari has developed a new sensor that can allow for remote monitoring of the patients.

4) Autonomoose by Krzysztof Czarnecki

Engineering academic facilities. Faculty: Engineering From Elon Musk to national governments, the self-driving car is one of the next great inventions, surely. The one developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo just achieved a major milestone. The Autonomoose has logged over one hundred kilometers driving on public streets.

5) Rechargeable Batteries by Linda Nazar

linda nazar waterloo Faculty: Solid State Energy Materials When it comes to lithium batteries, two of the biggest problems are charging them and making them more efficient. The research of Nazar has come close to developing a lithium battery that is rechargeable. The only hurdle to overcome is rooted in thermodynamics. The University of Waterloo is an amazing institution in Canada thanks to research projects like the ones listed above.


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