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Restaurants and Cafes For Students at the UWA

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Kelly Solak

Being in college and eating dining hall food can be such a drag. It can be fun to change up what you eat and where to go on a daily basis while on campus. Searching for new and exciting college cafes, and restaurants near campus can also show students unique and quietly kept places of their college down. Here is a list that students at the University of Western Australia can use as a guide to check out new food options!

1. Rocketfuel Coffee Roasters

This restaurant, cafe duo serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch for students and locals. Found right outside of campus, this super uniquely decorated cafe leaves for great picture opportunities too. They are also very accommodating with any allergies, or lifestyle diet choices like being vegetarian. Word on the street is they have the best coffee in Western Australia.

Image of a yummy brunch

2. Nedlands Cafe

This cafe is one of the most popular breakfast spots close to campus. They serve famous omelets that everyone buzzes about, alongside fresh coffee. They also have a fairly wide price range of foods to choose from. The style of this cafe is really cool and vintage which is why a lot of people enjoy coming here!

A cup of coffee

3. Bayside Kitchen

Bayside Kitchen is a very up and coming eatery that serves food from breakfast till dinner, has excellent coffee, and sandwiches that customers rave about! This cafe is reasonably priced which is great being so close to campus. The food is really tasty and the waitstaff is said to be so friendly!

What customers think after eating here

4. The University Club of Western Australia

This is the place to be on campus when getting food. Located right on campus, this University Club leads for very fancy evenings. There are also plenty of food choices for students to choose from if they are looking to eat out and have a dress up fun evening!

Fresh baked pizza

5. Catalyst Cafe

The Catalyst Cafe is an awesome place for students to relax and hangout while in a quaint, coffee shop setting. They have a variety of food such as vegetarian friendly, vegan Options, gluten free options. Any student can come here and find something they love. It is even ranked 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp!

A yummy plated salad

6. The Acai Corner

The Acai Corner is just what it sounds like, acas heaven! Made from all local, organically grown products, this cafe truly uses the healthiest ingredients. All food on the menu is gluten, dairy, soy, free and paleo, all while tasting amazing!

Image of an acai bowl

7. Varsity Bar- Nedlands 

This local pub very close to campus is the place to be when it comes to night life. Students come here on the weekend to meet up with friends and have a good time. Aside from the nightlife bar scene, their food is said to be amazing and pool can be played while hanging out too!

Image on campus of UWA

Overall, these are just a few of the restaurants and cafes around campus for students to check out. Exploring different places can be so exciting and fun. Getting off campus can also be a treat, so try one of these places to dine and enjoy it!


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