1. You blow way too much money on spoke bagels

2. You know how lucky you are when you find an empty table at ‘Club Weldon’ during exam season 

3. You own at least one western sweater

4. You Instagram a picture of campus (probably UC tower) at least once a school year

5. You know at least one person on a varsity sports team

Dose varsity jackets doh

6. You’ve either seen Rick Mcghee at the spoke or heard people rave about him on campus 

7. Delaware is not just a state in America to you

8. You never turn down the opportunity to get King Richie’s pizza for late-night munch 

9. You know a soph is not a short form for sophomore

10. You’ve spent a homecoming on broughdale

11. You know that JACK’s and Jack Astor’s are two distinctly different places

12. You have a soft spot for the Ceeps 

13. You’ve made the “W” at least once in your Western career

14. You now dislike Canadian geese even more than you did prior to your university career

Like why they gotta poop everywhere

15. You do everything you can to avoid the walk up UC hill

16. You know someone who told you their program was AEO IVEY in first year

17. Uwosecure-v2 has caused you trouble more than once when trying to do an assignment on campus

18. It’s a guarantee you will hear someone complaining about all the uggs and Canada goose jackets they see on campus once it starts to get cold

19. And of course the UCC is your go-to meeting spot


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