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On top of the roof at the FAC:

Why bother looking at the art below you, when the real beauty is right in front of your face.

In the woods on Worchester hill

This is a great spot for nature lovers, and just beware, you might come back to your room smelling like SKUNK.

Under a tree on central hill:

Just know you might come home smelling like skunk for … a different reason.

The WORST places to make out:

In the omelet line:

You’re there for a while, probably even long enough to get to know the person in front of you, but it’s early, people are hungover, and don’t want to see that.

In hallways:

In the dorm or an academic building, just don’t do it. People need to get places, please don’t make us watch how disgustingly happy you are.

In dorm lounges:

For the love of god, RA’s do not get paid enough to walk in on you doing the do. If you need a condom go ask, but beyond that they don’t want to know how you use it. Please just put a sock on your door and make your roommate stay in the lounge if their plans for the night include keeping their clothing ON.

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Haley Cramer