Procrastinators and party animals, don’t you worry! Not every college class will make you sit through hundred-person lecture halls at 8 a.m. to learn seemingly-impossible material. Although the University of Wisconsin-Madison is highly regarded for its academics, there are still quite a few classes that can give you a GPA boost.

1. AOS 100: Introduction to Weather and Climate

It can be difficult to find science courses that are easy As, but don’t let that rain on your parade! Weather and Climate is one of the easiest and most interesting natural science classes at UW. Professor Martin is extremely passionate about the material, and his exams all have basic-level multiple choice questions. Plus, you’ll actually find out why the sky is blue (don’t act like you’ve never wondered).

2. ENGL 173: Performing Race in America

Not only does ENGL 173 fulfill the ethnic studies requirement, but it’s also a grade booster! The class discusses how race is acted out in different plays, movies, and even songs. There are literally entire units covering Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and the Broadway play Hamilton. Slay!

3. MUSIC 113: Music in Performance

Music 113 is known infamously as “Clap for Credit.” This is because the class consists of showing up to one 50-minute lecture, listening to a musical performance, and then clapping when it’s finished. Although it’s only one credit, you can take the class up to 3 times. Let’s hear a round of applause for this easy A.

4. COM ARTS 100: Introduction to Speech Communications

Comm Arts 100 fulfills the Gen-Ed Comm A requirement, and it’s an extremely easy course. The class consists of writing/performing 3 speeches that are outlined very specifically in the classbook. And by very specifically, I mean it essentially is written for you. It also provides a great opportunity to conquer your stage fright!

5. ART 108: Foundations of Contemporary Art

Art 108 is a great introductory art class. The lectures are always interesting and informative, and the midterms/final are straightforward and easy to study for. You can get by without doing the readings, and the professor allows his students to really make the class their own. Whether you’re a gifted artist, or you have no artistic talent whatsoever, this class is still very passable.

6. LING 101: Introduction to Linguistics

Linguistics 101 is almost a guaranteed A. The course consists of learning the elements of speech communication, and describes behaviors of speech patterns. There isn’t really any difficult material, just a lot of basic memorization. As an added bonus, every lecture slide is online, so skipping this class will not make-or-break your grade.

7. F&W ECOL 100: Introduction to Forestry

This class is perfect for an introductory-level bio science credit. The material analyzes the impact of human behavior on forests, and looks at forest’s’ ability to provide natural resources. With a deeper appreciation of nature, it’s possible that this class will make you the outdoorsman you’ve always wanted to be.

8. PSYCH 160: Human Sexuality: Social and Psychological Issues

This psych class acts as the perfect filler class for a schedule. The material covers different aspects of sexual relationships and behavior. Taking this class is the perfect way to fulfill a social science requirement while learning about what makes someone attractive. Not that you need that advice, obviously.

9. DANCE 1: Ballroom Dance

Everyone that takes ballroom dance at UW swears by it. Although taking a ballroom dance class may seem intimidating at first, the instructor is fun and helps everyone to have a good time. You never know when your crush is going to ask you to dance.

10. AFRO AMER 154: Hip Hop and Contemporary American Society

Even the title of this class sounds interesting. Not only is AA 154 an easy A, but it is also one of the most eye-opening and thought provoking classes you’ll attend at UW. Professor Shashko is also one of the most intriguing lecturers, and keeps you engaged every class. Why listen to hip-hop music through headphones at the back of a crowded lecture hall when you can listen to it in class and analyze its meaning?

11. SOC 120: Marriage and Family

We all need to learn how to be a real adult sometime, so why not get credit for it? Soc 120 teaches you everything you need to know about family economics and demographics. Plus, Professor Elwert is extremely organized and passionate about what he teaches. I now pronounce your grade an A.

Whether it be the easy coursework, interesting material, or engaging professors, these classes are guaranteed to take a load off of your already-impossible schedule. Maybe you’ll actually want to attend these classes. Or, more likely, you won’t feel as bad when you inevitably skip.


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