Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee is a public urban research university located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. The school has around 21,000 a 86% acceptance rate. Here are some tasty restaurants and cafes for students.

1. Roast Coffee Company

the inside of the coffee shop

This chill coffeehouse is a great place to go to if you are looking to get some extra energy in your day or refuel by eating their lunch fare. The pricing starts at $3.50(Radio Milwaukee) to $7.25(Testa Rosa). They have many specialty drinks such as the maple nut latte and Coco Chai.

2. Colectivo Coffee – Humboldt

an array of scone and muffins

This hip coffee join provides students with a place to go to for their coffee/speciality drink needs, lunch , or even beer! They have a kids menu for when your with your family and all day breakfast as well as lunch items. Pricing is moderate and a few crowd favorites are the veggie pesto burrito and curry chicken salad wrap.

3. The City Market Cafe & Bakehouse

the city market store front

This will be your go to for taking your friends and family out to eat after showing your campus around. There is an extensive menu or different food and even a kids menu! Pricing is moderate and a few crowd favorites have been the strawberry gorgonzola salad and croque monsieur.

4. Pacific Wraps

the store front of pacific wraps

This is located conveniently on campus and can be payed for with meal plan or cash/card. This is a great way for students to get fast wraps for lunch that are healthy and fit their dietary needs or either gluten free or vegan.

5. Cedar Crest

the logo for the icecream

Cedar Crest is a an on campus icecream shop that is a great go to for rich and creamy sweets. This icecream is a great tasting treat and you can use your dining plan or cash/card. The store can make you a treat in a form of a shake or malt as well.

6. Noodles and Company

a bowl of mac and cheese

Pasta is a the grain that gives you fuel and can be made into plenty of tasty dishes. Come here if you are looking to be full and happy at a moderate price! They have dishes such as zucchini truffle mac and penne rosa.

7. 2 Sweet International Delight

a table of food such as hummus

This restaurant is the perfect place to go to if you are craving food at the late night. You can even have your food delivered to you through EatStreet. Pricing starts at $3.29(lentil soup) to $14.95(combo platter). Come in for 5 different varieties of smoothies as well!

Lauraanna Quinting

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