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There’s no doubt about it that studying business at any school is a great idea due to the immense amount of opportunities and paths a student can take in order to chase his/her goal to becoming the person they want to be once graduation rolls around. Luckily for students at U of Hartford, they offer an amazing business program that has turned multiple students into CEO’s and gave them the best opportunity possible to pursue their dreams. As the Barney School of business sits within the top 5% of business schools in the country, here are what it has to offer:

1. Good Courses

Waking up for 8am classes is a drag and that’s for sure. Nobody wants to be going to classes so early in the morning to learn about things in which don’t even benefit them or their major. Being apart of the Business school gives students that feeling of taking the exact classes that they need in order to pursue a business career. They offer multiple classes such as BAR 211 which is one of the best classes to take, how they have the students dress up in formal business attire once per week and go to a lecture which really gives them a taste of what its like to dress up formally, as well as sit through a class in which they learn about resume’s, internships, and what happens in your actual career (real like scenarios). The classes that are offered one nothing shy of the best and that is guaranteed.

student with a teacher in classroom


2.  Career Fairs

Sometimes its definitely tough to squeeze after class curriculum into a students busy everyday schedule, especially when it’s optional. The career fairs that the Business School offers are great events that are inviting to all business students as well as top tier business corporations for every type of business major (such as KPMG, Deloitte, EY,etc). These career fairs give the students to impress these companies by not only by their beautiful business attire, but their resume’s as well as personal 1 on 1 meetings. These fairs attract hundreds of Business Students from all over campus with very big possibilities for each and every one of them to land an internship or possibly even a future job offer.

Business Communication Duplicate model


3. The professors are amazing.

These aren’t just an ordinary professors who are just their to teach about a subject. A large majority of the professors have worked in the actual field in which they taught in, prior to teaching. (Ex: accounting teacher was once an accountant prior to teaching). This is great because the advise and knowledge that these teachers give off to their students are nothing shy of real life situations and really gives students the power and knowledge that they need to strive and grow within the field that they are studying.

Teacher Pointing at Map of World


4.  Meet People

Being a student in the Business School it is extremely likely to meet new people who are looking into the same exact career that you are. This is an amazing feature as well because in this case you have others to rely on.The Barney School is great with this as they bring everyone together (students, teachers, alumni, etc) which makes creating connections and networking with others just that much easier whether its in a personal or social media phase.

friends clapping


All in all, the Barney School of Business is not a lazy, laid back program. They know what students need in order to obtain success within whatever field they choose and the points listed above are just a few key benefits. According to a majority of the Alumni who had graduated from this program, many can say that they received amazing benefits, and you can too.




Kyle Kearney

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