Often times students are faced with the hard decision of deciding weather or not to live on or off campus. As an incoming freshman there are many reasons why living on campus at the University of Hartford is by far the best choice.  The campus offers a variety of dining options and activities to keep you busy when you are not in class. And this is why living on campus is beneficial:

Developing New Friendships

As an incoming freshman you are faced with the optical of breaking out of your comfort zone and making new friends. This can be done at ease if you are living on campus. This is because when you are living on campus you will become best friends with your roommate as well as floor mates.


Dining With Friends

The University Commons is also another positive of living on campus. Not only is this a great way to socialize with other students, but it is a way to get a quick bite to each before, after or between classes. This facility is incredible because it opens at a very early hour and does not close till after dinner time. This allows students to eat on their own schedule.


Student Involvement

On campus athletic events are also an impeccable way for freshman to network themselves. The University of Hartford is a D-1 athletic school which guarantees excitement at each athletic event. The athletic program does a great job at getting the students involved at each event.

Ontario University Athletics Men's Basketball game action between the Ryerson Rams and the Brock Badgers.

Ability To Have Freedom

Freshmen are also allowed to have a car on campus. This is very important because it allows students to be able to travel off campus and explore the area around the school. It is also nice to have something that reminds you of being home, which is exactly what happens when you are able to have your car on campus your first year of college.

watch-a-single-autonomous-car-stop-a-traffic-jam-from-happeningEven though off-campus living has many different activities to offer and places to go, there is nothing better than being able to wake up and walk right to class. Being able to see your friends 24/7 is made possible when you are living on campus. You also gain a sense of community by going to sporting events and other on campus activities with your classmates.


Marshall Kassman

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