Going away to school can be a difficult transition for many students. One way to make this transition easier is by bringing your car to school as a freshman. Understanding that not everyone is a car enthusiast is normal, but there is something comforting about having your car at school as a freshman.

1.It’s Your Personal Sanctuary

Freshman living is not always as present as it sounds. some students could possible live in a room with up to 4 other kids in it. With this being said it is nice to have a space that is simply just yours. This escape place could be your car if you have it freshman year. Your car can be considered to be your area only. It could also be a place to go to get away from everyone is you are simply having a bad day.



2.A Taste Of Home

Another reason that bringing a car is important because it’s like taking a piece of home with you. When you first go off to school, it is a very hard adjustment to be away from home for the first time. With this being said bringing your car with you is like bringing a piece of home with you. This is because it is something that reminds you of truly being at home.



3. Exploration

Having your car on campus as a freshman also allows for students to experience the area around their school. Not only does it allow them to explore, but it also get them out of their comfort zones. Overall, this allows the students to learn more about other places other than the place they have spent all of their life living at. One thing students might like to explore in Hartford is Blue Back Square. This area is great because it is very safe, and also has a lot of great restaurants.




Having a car on campus will also give you freedom. It allows students to hop into their car and hit the road to go home anytime at will. This is great because students who don’t have cars on campus will be forced to plan their commute home weeks in advance. It is also good because if a student gets sick they will be able to travel home at ease. It also gives students the ability to travel to other colleges. This is great because it allows students to see other colleges, and it also allows students to still keep close ties with their friends from home.



Overall, it is very important for freshman students to have their cars at school. It allows students to broaden their horizons. It also allows students to feel as if they have a piece of home with them while they are away at school. Not every college allows freshman to have their car on campus for their first semester, but most of them do.


Marshall Kassman

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