With housing around 5,000 students, the University of Hartford may be a somewhat small campus, but that doesn’t stop a student from living their best life possible while living on campus. There are many differences between living on campus vs living on campus and many of those differences are looked at as positive ones. This article is going to share with you the great benefits that come with living on campus at the University of Hartford.



1. New Friendships

When you think of going away to school, the first and most common thing people think about is new friendships and meeting new people. This is a huge subject when it comes to making the change from living at home to living at school, and is quite possibly one of the most common ones. Meeting new friends at school is something that every student experiences and is just another great thing about moving away to school. Even though some feel comfortable and feel like they’ll never meet anyone like their friends from home, there will always be that one or couple of people to change your mind.



2. Maturity

Even though a newfound maturity isn’t exactly what kids are looking to accomplish on purpose, it’s still something that every student receives as they live away. The University of Hartford gives students that opportunity to grow on their own as they have late library hours so students can be mature and get all of their work in on time, since all students are really there for the education. Other aspects also like doing their own laundry, time management, and achieving good grades are all part of the maturity aspect.



3. Being your own person

Living at home and with your parents may sometimes get extremely stressful, especially when you have been under their roof and rules for your whole life. Moving to the University of Hartford and forming there gives you the chance to finally be your own person and get away from all of the rules and supervision (to an extent). This aspect makes life for some so much better and really will let you find your inner self all while not being under the constriction of your parents.



4. Clubs

At the University of Hartford there are so many different clubs to join such as finance clubs, greek life, IFC, and many others. These clubs don’t only allow you to network with others and create new friendships but they also look amazing on any sort of application/resume. These clubs are conducted by some of the best individuals on the campus in accordance to the club’s subject, they are definitely something to look into!



As stated above, The University of Hartford isn’t exactly a magical place that will make your dreams come true, but it is definitely something to look into when it comes to deciding if you would like to either commute or live there. The experiences and life lessons that are taught during those dorming years are like no other. When it comes down to it, living on campus definitely takes the win!



Kyle Kearney

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