Hard classes and struggling grades are the first things that come to mind when thinking about choosing a college. But look no further as the Hillyer College program of the University of Hartford is here to save all of those worries and struggles. This program selectively chooses students who they want to be in their classes (particularly kids who need more help and supervision from teachers in the classroom), which the classes are smaller and focus more on each student rather than dozens. Here are a few reasons why the Hillyer College program is so beneficial to students.

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1. Student to Teacher Connection

The student to teacher connection while being in the hillyer program is something like no other. It’s a connection that no students think that they would receive as they go away to school. There are no 50+ student lecture classes, the teacher makes time to make sure every student understands what is going on in the classroom as the class sizes are only between 10-20 students. Not only does this connection make learning experiences better, but they also have a much better chance at a student achieving a high GPA each semester.

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2. Fairs and Events

All the time you will catch a whole flock of Hillyer students gathering in Hillyer hall for some type of event of fair. These events or fairs are catered by the Hillyer program with food, snacks and drinks to make students as comfortable. These events could be for any class, club or just a Hillyer social gathering. These are great for students to network with other students and teachers.

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3. Helpful Advisors

Path to an Associates DegreeBeing apart of the Hillyer program, there will be an advisor assigned to each and every student. These advisors choose every class for you and stir you in the right direction. Since the Hillyer program is only a two year program, an associate degree is what each student wounds up graduating with, and then they move on to their next 2 years for their bachelor’s degree or 3 for their masters. These advisors give you exactly what you need in order for this to happen with no mistakes and a clear path to an associate degree.


4. Leniency

Leniency is defiantly a huge benefit when it comes to mistakes and making up things just incase if a student were ever to miss something. Teacher’s are extremely nice and polite when it comes to giving second chances, but don’t push it, it depends on the reasoning. The professor’s try to make it as painless as possible while doing a test, submitting a project or homework. A good grade is one of the most important things along side of learning the subject well. They only want what is best for the student.

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All in all, Hillyer College is an amazing experience and is definitely a great choice when it comes to choosing a school based on programs. Even though they choose who can be in and who can’t be in, for those who do get chosen, it’s definitely something that is extremely helpful. For students that have a learning disability, this is a great choice to choose in the decision process!


Kyle Kearney

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