Do you have trouble taking down notes by hand in class? Do you feel as if you are constantly playing catch up on your lecture notes? This problem can be eliminated by bringing your laptop to class. This is because it is much faster for most students to type over trying to write down class notes. At the University of Hartford, bringing your computer to class is pretty much crucial. It allows for better notes as well as academic success.


At the University of Hartford, all teachers have their courses set up on Blackboard. With this being said, taking class notes does not need to be as strenuous as it has been in the past. This is because professors usually post their lecture notes as well as Powerpoints on this site. What’s great about this, is that you can open the notes as well as a Word document and copy the notes into your own words.


Google Docs

Another reason all students should bring their laptops to class is due to doc sharing on google docs. You and your classmates can all share notes easily. Not only can you share notes on google docs, but you can also add things your classmates might have missed, or even add side notes if you are not sure if their information is accurate. This is also great because you don’t need to harass your classmates if you miss a class. All you need to do is look on your shared word doc and all of the notes from the class you missed will be there.


Sloppy Handwriting

Have you ever been studying for a test and not been able to read your class notes? Well this is no longer a problem when bringing your laptop to class. There is nothing worse than not being able to study credible information. With the use of your laptop in class, you will have the luxury of having great, clean notes. These notes could even be highlighted on your computer through Word. You will no long have smudged writing because of fuzzy pencil writing and highlighter.


Printing Your Notes

Another great thing about bringing your laptop to class is that you are able to print your notes. This allows your class notes to be organized, laid out, and easy to study off of. Being able to print your notes is a game changer. It also allows students to no longer carry a binder on them. Printed notes can be easily stored in a compact folder.


It no longer matters if you have horrible handwriting, or even a hard time keeping up during lectures. Being able to type your class notes is overall faster and less time-consuming. At the University of Hartford, they are more than accommodating to students who choose to use their laptops during class. They even offer free printing to all students who are in Hillyer College, making students feel more encouraged than ever to achieve full academic success.


Marshall Kassman

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