10 Hardest Courses at Vanderbilt University
Vanderbilt University is a world-renown university, known to have extremely challenging academics. Even the top students here can struggle with some of the courses that this institution offers. Let's dive in and take a look inside at some of the hardest courses!

1. CHEM 2211 – Organic Chemistry

close up of glassware used in chemistry labs Here we go! O-chem, orgo, organic chemistry. Call it what you want. This is definitely one of the hardest classes you'll take here as a bio/chem major. You’ll learn about different  different reactions and an overall interpretation of reactivity analysis. Students find this class hard because there is an additional lab component that you must attend each week.

2. ECON 1010 – Principles of Economics

turned on white tablet computer at globe share graph This class is challenging for students because it requires them to memorize and understand several difficult economic principles and how they play into socio-economic modalities of life. Understanding data distribution is an important component of this class and the professors can drone on sometimes, but keep at it!

3. PHYS 1501 – Physics

blue electric sparks This is arguably one of the hardest classes  offered here at Vanderbilt. Here, students study electrostatic theory as well as Maxwells equations. This class is challenging because plenty of content is covered in a relatively small amount of time. Take this class only if you have a strong passion for physics!

4. PSY 1200 – Psychology

photo of head bust print artwork Uh-oh! Psychology. Brain development. The explanation or human behavior. Or is it? This definitely requires some brain power as you will get into the detailed readings of why/how the human being behaves the way it does. Many people find this an interesting class as the professor is usually very engaging with the course content, albeit slightly difficult.

5. BSCI 1105 – Human Biology

pink sphere splashed by green liquid Although one of the most enlightening and interesting courses on campus for bio majors, human biology is no joke. You'll be spending the majority of your studying time on this class hands down. Molecular biology and physiology y are also covered in certain sections of this class. Make sure to go to office hours and talk to the professors about the areas you have difficulty in!

6. PHIL 1008 – Medical Ethics

person using black blood pressure monitor
Healthcare and hospital work sounds easy, but not always. There's more to just the terminology, treatment, and protocols. There's ethics. Is it ok to end a life if it means saving hundred, if not thousands, more? Go find out the answers to these questions yourself!

7. MATH 2300 – Multivariable Calculus

black and white blur book with math equations and explanations The name itself sounds scary enough. Higher up in mathematics, you delve more into theory and less into algebra. It’s all about theory in multivariable calculus; this course is both challenging but also  broadens the math major’s horizon on mathematical principles. This is one of the most pivotal classes at Vanderbilt!

8. CS 1101 – Computer Science Programming

programming code abstract screen of software developer Ah, computer “science”. Arguably, the most notorious of them all. Understanding operator systems is a crucial part to recognizing different languages. In this class, students learn different operating systems, which requires proficiency in a few different programming languages. This is one of the hardest classes you can take here an it requires a complex analysis of real-world problems and applications. Nevertheless, you’ll find the class useful and practical!

9. EECE 2112 – Electrical Engineering

Electrical components on a mother board Engineering here is actually tied in a lot more to the creative side than other curriculums at other universities. This course covers an advanced curriculum involving understanding the complexities of circuits, hard boards, physics, and functional unit operators. Take the lab course associated with this course as well!
Justice. Understanding the balance of the judicial system on criminal justice systems is key in the U.S. This course studies the judiciary system and how criminal justice works. More specifically, it deals with the specific mechanisms involving cracking cases on criminals and their work. Although this sounds fun, many students find this more demanding and time-consuming than usual.
So there you have it! The top 10 hardest courses at Vanderbilt University. Hopefully you get a good sense of what direction you want to take your academic career in. These classes can be good ways to both warn and inform students about the potential amount of future work and thinking required for these courses. Onward!

Masood Jan

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