The main building at Victoria University

There are a variety of dining options and cafes at the campus of Victoria University, Australia. These dining hangouts offer tasty food and drinks including noodles, sushi, focaccias, and baguettes. In addition to these college cafes, there are other dining places near the university campus for the students to visit. In this way, they will escape from the tense university environment and take fresh air in restaurants near campus. Thus, let’s look at what these college cafes and restaurants near the campus of Victoria University have in store for its visitors:

1. Central café

salad serving in bowl

This café offers a relaxing environment to its student visitors. In this way, this place is ideal for arranging a meet-up with friends and colleagues and enjoying a study break. The place offers wide varieties of food. Also, it’s a place where students can grab and snack or drink and eat them all the way to their classes.

The best part of the café is that the chefs produce fresh, hot and creative meals every day. They make fresh sandwiches, soups, and salads every day on campus. So, this means that the students can avail maximum freshness and quality from the café’s offerings.

2. Café Noodle House

waiter taking order in cafe

The specialty of the café lies in offering Vietnamese Pho and customized noodles. It means that the students can select their own sauce, protein, types of noodles and garnishing that suit their tastes. Besides, the students also love the rice paper rolls and sushi at the café. The coffee is all time favorite because the café makes it fresh and people sip it hot.

3. Reading Room Café

Inside of reading room cafe

This café allows the students to enjoy quiet reading and studying while sipping freshly ground coffee and baked bread. The café’s plus point is that they purchase their ingredients, seasonings, and spices from the local suppliers from Victoria Region.

The students can choose from the wide selection of baguettes, freshly baked pastries, wraps, sweets treat and cake slices. Also, the café offers quality dishes to go with all its snacks and lunch items.

4. VU Bar

VU bar counter and sitting area

The best part of this café is the view the students get to see from its balcony. At their laid-back café and bar, the students and guests in a comfortable seating can enjoy beautiful look of the Maribyrnong River. Also, with chilly drinks, seeing the sights of the river and beyond is amazing.

5. Pepper

entrance of Pepper cafe

This café is present near the campus of the Victoria University. Its main seating is on the patio in the form of street-side chairs. The café offers vegan options and classic café food that is tasty and affordable.

6. At43 Cafe & Thai Restaurant

breakfast serving in plate with fork

Those students who take delight in eating Thai curries and food will absolutely fall in love with the place. From tom yum soup to pad Thai noodles and green and red curry dishes, everything is up to the mark.

7. Drums Café

Dining area of Drums cafe

This cafe excels in offering authentic Indian food or Thali and Srilankan food in Victoria. So, those students who belong to India and Sri Lanka will find their tastes and flavors here. Thus, the samba curry pouch, fried okra, Kothu Roti, kang kong and chili with chicken or prawn attracts the local community of Australia as well.

So, these are the dining places in and off the university campus. Within the campus, the university dining places excel in offering clean and healthy food. Off-campus, the students can enjoy the taste of different countries. So, with so many dining options around the students, they will definitely find university life full of fun.

Mariam Jabeen

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