Virginia Commonwealth University, being one of the biggest schools in Virginia, employees around 6,000 individuals with a wide range of salaries. Below are the top 5 highest paid employees of Virginia Commonwealth University based on the 2016-17 reports.

5. Marsha Rappley – $400,000

Marsha Rappley, the 5th highest paid employee at Virginia Commonwealth University, is currently CEO of VCU health system and is the vice president of VCU Health Sciences. She is also very active in the VCU research fields being on the Research Advisory Panel of the AAMC where she advocates for research support at institutions including VCU.

4. John Nestler – $405,026

John E. Nestler, the 4th highest paid VCU employee, is the William Branch Porter Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine under VCU’s school of medicine. He is also chair of the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism. He is also a professor in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pharmacology and Toxicology.

3. Serge Nana-Sinkam – $423,933

Serge Nana-Sinkam, the third highest paid employee at VCU, is the Chair of the Division of Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine under the department of internal medicine at VCU. He is also a professor of medicine at VCU. He is also very involved in the research fields at VCU doing a majority of his research regarding various tobacco related lung diseases.

2. Michael Rhoades – $450,000

Michael Rhoades, is currently the second highest paid employee at VCU, and is known for his role as the head coach of the VCU men’s basketball team. He is currently in his first season as head coach for the VCU men’s team and is the 12th coach in team history.

1. Michael Rao – $875,284

Michael Rao is not only the highest paid employee at VCU being the president of the university, but is the highest paid president out of all Virginia colleges/universities. And in 2015-16, he was the highest paid state employee. He is currently the fifth president of VCU and has been president since 2009.

The top five highest paid VCU employee salaries are fairly impressive but it’s important to note the thousands of other employees that also work for VCU. Here are some overall stats regarding the 2016-17 salaries of VCU employees:

  • Employees: 5965
  • Total Payroll: $425,077,455
  • Median Pay: $56,477
  • Average Pay: $71,262


Deniz Erdag

Deniz Erdag is a current Computer Science student as well as a Mathematics student at Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently a sophomore at VCU, he is on track to graduate with a masters in computer science in 2021 under the accelerated masters program.

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