Welcome readers! My name is Solleyha and this is my first post for OneClass Blog! If you are a VCU student, I will be recapping the best posts on our Facebook group and if you are not a VCU student you get to have an inside scoop on what the Ram-ily talks about. Without further-a-do, here are your top 10 best Facebook group posts at VCU!

1. Show off Your School’s Beauty

For a campus this large, it would take a few hours to take your visiting friends on a full on VCU tour. So instead, how about you show them this video montage of how beautiful VCU really is through the eyes of a drone. Although you cannot see the inside of buildings or visit your favorite professors, it gives you a good enough overview of the university. Even so, that your friends might want to transfer here next year, just saying!

2. Dog Envy

Feeling homesick and missing your animal companion? No need to worry, VCU students got you covered with the numerous dog photos that seem to relieve my stress. They range from the smallest Pomeranian to a Black Labrador to the neighborly service dog, Jellyfish.

3. Art Lingo

Being an art student at VCU is definitely not easy, but if join the VCU Arts page you will realize you are not alone. You will find countless of memes that you can relate to and hopefully relieve the pain of doing a self-portrait triptych (three panels of artwork) over spring break. At this point I think we can add memes as an art form, don’t you think?

4. Swipes

Being hungry is almost a ritual on campus, but you can always count on your fellow peers to back you up with any crucial information relating to dining. Apparently Freshii has made their smoothies worth a swipe. HOORAY! If you enjoyed their smoothies before, you’ll enjoy not having to dig into your pockets in order to enjoy them. Bon Appetite!

5. #Relatable

It is safe to say that taking an 8:45 am class was a big mistake, but when you find a gif that you can relate to, it makes the process of getting up even better. Who doesn’t love a good laugh? So grab your cup of coffee, tea, or even water, head out the door, and keep scrolling through these posts because there’s more where that came from.

6. God Sent Gifts

The character among these students are unbelievable! If you ever lose something, make sure to check your VCU class page to see if anyone has made a post saying they found it. Can’t find it? Don’t give up, there’s a ton of posts to look through from missing wallets, to keys, to even school IDs. Keep track of your belongings or pray that one of god’s sent gifts of a VCU student has found it for you.

7. Ladies, Defend Yourselves

Unfortunately men, this one is for my ladies, but the person who posted this disagrees and wants to open it to all. If you did not know, VCU holds a rape aggression defense training that is free to students. It is a 12-hour course that involves open discussion and lecture, physical techniques from stances to pressure points, and an optional simulation. Instead of being afraid in a city you know call home, learn to defend yourself in it because you deserve to live your life.

8. Cover those roots!

Started school in August and moved away from your trusty stylist? Me too! Now I have no transportation, but I definitely need a trim. The great thing about going to VCU is all the talented people you meet! This VCU student has you covered in the hair department and now I can stop looking like a mop at an affordable price.

9. This Wi-Fi Sucks

The one thing we cannot control, the wi-fi. So help your peers out by not using the wireless connection on your printer. We’re all just trying to catch up on these Netflix shows and you do not want to be responsible for the delay.

10. Deals, deals, and more deals!

Being college broke is a whole other level of stress most us cannot take. Some of us find relief from walking, crafts, or going to concerts. You can count on your peers selling tickets to some of the coolest artists around at a fraction of the cost. Don’t forget, it never hurts to do a little bit of bargaining to get the price even lower!


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