If you are currently a VCU student, make sure to take advantage if these 10 Best Resources at VCU!

1. The Workshop at Cabell

The Workshop is located in the basement of Cabell Library and provides a ton of art and media resources such as 3D printers, laser wood cutters, turntable equipment, sewing machines, and editing software. All of these services are free to VCU students, although the use of some equipment requires a short and easy training session.

2. Phone chargers

At Cabell Library and in Shafer, there are portable phone chargers that you can rent for iPhone, Android, Samsung, etc. It’s free to use for up to 24 hours, but if you keep them checked out for longer than that there is a small fee. You’ll never have to go to a lecture without technology again.

3. Disability support services

If you’re having trouble with being successful because of the circumstances of your disability, DSS provides students with the option to register their disability with the university and allows students to request their specific academic and personal needs. DSS is located in the Commons in Room 102.

4. Career services

Located across from the Chick-fil-A in the Commons, VCU’s career services provides students with information on internships, grad schools, jobs, and careers related to their degree.

5. Counseling

The counseling center is on the top floor of the Commons in Room 238. Here, students can be provided with free counseling services to manage things like stress, anxiety, depression, and the overall adjustment to college. They also provide outside counseling services for long-term assistance.

6. Writing center

The writing center sits on the fourth floor of the Academic Learning Commons and provides peer-based advice and support to help VCU students become the strongest writers possible. Here, you can have someone review an essay or an assignment, and they will help you perfect it to get that A.

7. RamTech

Across from Red Eye Cookies on Grace St., RamTech provides help with tech troubles for reasonable prices. They also sell new and refurbished electronics so you know you’re getting the best and most useful technology.

8. Advising

All students have an advisor their first year at VCU. Advisors help students to stay on track during their first year here, giving advice on classes, degrees, careers, and projected graduation dates. They’re located on the first floor of Hibbs Hall.

9. Campus learning center

The campus learning center on the first floor of Hibbs provides students with free group and one-on-one tutoring and peer-assisted study sessions, so if you’re having trouble with a class the learning center is your best bet!

10. RamSafe

RamSafe operates from 5pm-8am every day and is a free transportation service to VCU students. RamSafe will take you wherever you need to go on campus when you send in a request online or by the phone.


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