Virginia Commonwealth University holds pride in James Branch Cabell Library and all of the resources it offers. When the building was constructed in 2015, VCU’s dedicated staff made sure that this new library would have everything a student could need.

1. The Writing Center

If you are a student at VCU, you most likely have been made very aware of this program. Located in the basement of Cabell Library, a supportive team of students will help you write your papers. They are open during school hours and can be reached by appointment. If you just don’t have the energy to get a paper completed or have no idea where to even start, the Writing Center is for you.


2. The Workshop

Did you know that VCU has a Lego Station? They do! It is located in the Workshop, in the basement of Cabell Library. The Workshop also features 3D printers, sewing machines, photoshop, brand new Mac desktops and more. They also hold seminars to teach how to use said equipment so that you can take full advantage of this wonderful resource. They also have a podcast room for students!


3. The Silent Floors

If you are like me, you prefer complete silence when studying. The easiest way to achieve this as a student is by using the library. Thankfully, VCU has two floors dedicated to silence. The 3rd floor is the whisper floor where its not recommended that you talk but its ok to talk very quietly. The 4th floor is a completely silent zone for you to study without distractions.


4. Study Rooms

If simply having silence still doesn’t fulfill your need to be isolated when studying, you can also reserve one of the many study rooms the VCU library has. The process is very easy and can be completed on the library website. They have rooms for single people or even groups up to 15. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

5. IT Support

If your laptop ever gives out in middle of an online quiz (or even online shopping) then the IT Support located in the basement of Cabell is the place for you. A group of experts will help you figure out what is going on with your laptop and fix it for you. If you bring your laptop there, you also get the newest Microsoft Word for free downloaded onto your computer!


With resources like this, there are endless possibilities to student success. VCU has intentionally catered to students’ needs and have provided attendees with as much as they can offer. Between the Workshop and Writing Center alone, you are bound to pass your class. So what are you waiting for? Go at it! 


Mary Moody

Mary is an avid writer. She is obsessed with music and is currently studying Opera/Music Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has published two novels and is working on her third. She loves cats and will always impulsively mention them in every single conversation. You can find her looking at memes all night and chugging coffee in the morning.

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