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Stressing about what to bring to college in your first year? Here are 10 things to bring when you come to VCU!

1. Vacuum

You might think that you’re literally the cleanest person on the planet, but I promise you that you’re going to walk into your dorm room someday and wonder why there’s three inches of dust on your floor. Trust me.

2. Printer

Although there are places available in the library for you to print, if you’re going to be in classes that require a lot of essay writing that your professors want in hard copy, it’s easier to just have your own printer to avoid paying every time you want to print, and having to wait in line when there’s a million other kids who are printing at the last minute.

3. Poo-pourri

For when you have the nervous runs conveniently before your crush is coming over.

4. A reliable pair of shoes.

There will be nights where you’ll end up running through the streets of the city at 4 in the morning. It’s much more fun when you don’t feel like your feet are going to fall off.

5. Electric blanket

A lifesaver for when your thermostat decides to set itself to 65 in the middle of January.

6. Fan

For when it sets to 80 in May.

7. Safe/locked box

Even if you trust your roommates and your friends with your life, it’s always good to have a place that only you have access to where you can store important things like personal documents (or food that you don’t want anyone to steal).

8. Clorox wipes

I currently have about 4 containers of these wipes. You can literally clean everything in every room with them. They’re disinfecting and antibacterial, so wipe those germs away! (Pro tip: if you have dirty roommates, leave cans of them inconspicuously throughout the apartment and they’ll be pressured to use them).

9. Professional clothing

Even if it’s just one or two outfits, it’s always good to keep some professional or business casual clothes on hand if you have to do a presentation or go to a formal event.

10. Hand sanitizer

If you’re like me, you’re going to get sick about six times when you first get to school. To try and minimize the amount of germs and viruses that you’re ingesting, keep lots of hand sanitizer around and use it often to keep your hands clean and to avoid spreading gross stuff. That way, you can have a healthy and happy year!


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