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As a college student caffeine is basically the only thing that’s gets us moving. It is a necessity especially during finals week. Richmond just happens to have one of the best selections of cute coffee shops in the world (at least in my opinion. Here are 10 local coffee shops when you get tired of Starbucks.

1. Greenbriar Café and Coffeehouse

This cute little café is located right on Main St. only a block away from Trani Hall. With it’s amazing coffee (I recommend the Birthday Cake Latte) and great sandwiches it is a the perfect place for a coffee date.

2. Lamplighter Roasting Company

One thing that Richmond does well is transform old buildings into something new. Lamplighters, which is right across the street from Greenbriar, is a cute little café in a converted car shop.

3. The Lab by Alchemy Coffee

This cozy little place is located right on Broad St next door to the Depot. Not only is their coffee incredible but also they have wonderful selection of pastries.

4. Brewer’s Café

Brewer’s Café is located in Manchester on the Southside. With is friendly staff and great patio seating it’s a great place for Brunch when your family comes to visit.

5. Whisk

If you want to get a true city feel then head on over to Whisk in Shockoe Bottom. As you sit near the window sipping a delicious latte, you start to feel like a true cosmopolitan.

6. Rostov’s Coffee & Tea

This amazing family owned shop is located right in the Fan. Rostov’s proudly offers Richmond’s largest selection of freshly roasted coffee and has a very knowledgeable staff to help you decide.

7. Harrison Street Café

Harrison Street Café is located right in the heart of campus right next to Christians Pizza. They specialize in vegan and vegetarian food and always have a fresh cup of coffee ready.

8. Black Hand Coffee Co

Black Hand Coffee Co is a local coffee roaster and café in the Museum District. This cozy brick-lined café roast its own beans daily and lets you buy coffee in bulk. (very useful during finals)

9. Lift Coffee Shop and Café

We all know that Red Bull doesn’t give you wings but coffee does. Lift Coffee Shop and Café will brighten your day with its espresso drinks and fresh baked goods, it is located right on Broad St.

10. Cartwheels & Coffee


Sarah Danial

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