Whether it comes when you’re studying late at night or while you’re walking from class to class, almost every college student has a sweet tooth that they just can’t deny. Luckily for the sugar-loving students of VCU, there are many places around campus to satisfy your dessert craving. Listed below are a few places you can check out for a great dessert!

1.Sweet Turtle

Located at 1211 W. Broad Street, Sweet Turtle is a popular destination among VCU students. The shop offers a variety of standard frozen treats like milkshakes, ice cream, and frozen yogurt. However, their claim to fame is their Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream that releases vapor as you eat it. While their prices are a little high for a typical college student’s budget, it is a nice treat especially on hot or humid days.



Shyndigz is a trendy dessert cafe that serves in-store-made pies and cakes. They have a specified weekly menu, but also feature a “cake du jour” (cake of the day). Each cake or pie is made with fresh ingredients, many of their cakes featuring fresh fruit between each layer. They are located at 1903 W. Cary Street, but also have a Market 2-Go location down the street at 1813 W. Cary. The Market 2-Go building has everything from individual slices of whatever’s served in the cafe that day to local market items like hot sauces and take-home cake mixes. Shyndigz is a great place for students to go for a self-care treat and is a popular destination for dates.


3.Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies is widely considered one of students’ favorite places on campus. For just $1.50 from 9am until 3am, you can order one of nine traditional flavors of cookies. For a bit more, you can choose one of three deluxe cookies or a “wich” (a cookie-ice cream sandwich). Students love Insomnia Cookies because it is located within the bounds of the VCU campus, it is inexpensive, delicious, and open late. One of the best things about Insomnia Cookies is that they deliver, which is very convenient for when you have a late night craving but are too tired to go out.


4.Charm School

Located at 311 W. Broad Street, Charm School Social Club is a contemporary ice cream store that also serves coffee, tea, and a variety of vegan options. The building has a large “Welcome to Richmond” mural painted in a vintage style on the side of it, which many people love to take pictures of for their social media accounts. Charm School is most popular on the weekends, especially on the first Friday of each month when Broad Street galleries are open for the First Friday event. This ice cream parlor is definitely among students’ favorite dessert locations and is worth checking out.


5.Carytown Cupcakes

While Carytown Cupcakes is a little far from the Monroe Park campus, it is definitely worth the walk or Uber ride to get there. It is located pretty much in the center of Carytown at 3111 W. Cary Street. Not only are the cupcakes fresh, moist, and delicious, but the owners of the shop are very nice. They offer homemade dog treats for any furry friends that are brought in and advertise for donations to local agencies. Carytown Cupcakes is a long-time favorite not only for VCU students, but for all people in the greater Richmond area.


6.Sweet Frog

Not far down the street from the Cary Street Gym is the classic frozen yogurt shop, Sweet Frog. Honestly, there isn’t really anything particularly special about this location other than that it’s Sweet Frog, so it’s really good. Students love to go here for the cheaper prices than other ice cream shops in the area. Frozen yogurt also has less calories than ice cream, so you’ll feel less guilty if you stop by Sweet Frog on your way home from the gym than if you stopped at a different dessert location!


Sometimes, you just have an undeniable sweet tooth that has to be taken care of. Luckily, there are a variety of places around the VCU campus that offer many different desserts to satisfy your cravings. Try some of these places to start, but be adventurous and seek out other places to get good desserts; there are tons out there!


Chandler Girman

Mass Communications major at Virginia Commonwealth University Dallas, Richmond, Philadelphia

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