If you’re a freshman at VCU, you most likely have a large dining plan – one with so many swipes, you’re pretty sure you’ll never use them.  Freshmen are always left with excess swipes at the end of the year, leading them to practically give them away to upperclassmen at the end of the semester.  Instead of finding yourself with 50 extra swipes at the end of this spring, why not check out some of these great food options?

1. Jonah’s


Known as a ‘culinary emporium’, Jonah’s is truly a great place to spend your swipes. From serving delicious cheesecakes to handmade sandwiches, your swipes at Jonah’s will definitely give you your money’s worth. Located in the MCV Campus’ Larrick Student Center, Jonahs’ is a quick ride away using VCU‘s Campus Connector. Whether you’re craving a sweet treat or a filling lunch, Jonah’s is the place to go.

2. Croutons


Croutons is located conveniently in the Grace and Laurel Place, Croutons is a healthy option for food on campus.  Serving yummy wraps and various types of salads and sushi rolls, Croutons will gladly take your swipes for a handmade, personalized wrap or salad. Croutons is open until 1 AM, so it’s also great for a late night healthy snack.

3. Freshii


Freshii is another dining option for VCU students who are looking for a more healthy place to eat. Freshii offers various swipe exchange meals, such as their Pangoa bowl, a delicious salad bowl with corn, falafel, and barbeque sauce. Freshii also sells various green smoothies that can satisfy your thirst after a workout.  Located conveniently in the University Student Commons, Freshii is a popular choice for students who are returning from the gym.

4. Einstein Bros Bagels


Einstein Bros Bagels is hands down the best place to eat breakfast on campus. With a large and diverse selection of warm, freshly made bagels, and various flavorful shmears, Einstein is a breakfast option that never gets old. Plus, with every swipe meal, you can also get a free coffee or fountain drink.  Located in the Shafer Court Dining Center, Einstein’s is a popular spot among students after their morning classes. Beware of the lines – go early if you want your bagel fast!

5. Bleeker St.


Bleeker St., located in the Engineering building at VCU, makes some of the best sandwiches on campus. They offer a large selection of bread, free choice of meat, and various toppings.  Bleeker also gives students a bag of chips, fruit, and a drink with every swipe meal – so you really get your money’s worth! It’s a great spot to grab lunch between classes.

If your dining plan is weighing you down, these places are great options to lighten the load. With many options of food to choose from, and delicious desserts and drinks, any of these restaurants are a great student for a student who swipes.

Santosha Veera

Santosha Veera is currently a freshman Biology major at Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus on pre-medical studies.

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