I recently went to Schiffert Health Center because of a cold I’ve been dealing with ever since I got to school. While sitting in the waiting room I realized many students probably aren’t aware of what Schiffert can do for you, myself included. So I asked the doctor and she recommended I reach out to Monica Goyanko, a Virginia Tech graduate student and assistant at the health center. She kindly replied with the following top 5 things Schiffert offers that students should take advantage of!

Self-Care Cold Clinic

This is located just inside the sliding glass door as you enter the Schiffert side of McComas hall. Here students can do a self assessment following displayed question & answers and take their temperature.

If they have any signs or symptoms that are listed as concerning, they are instructed to talk to our staff. These students will be either given an appointment or visit with the Triage nurse, who will complete an assessment and decide the appropriate action.

If they don’t have any concerning or warning symptoms, then the student can fill-out a medication request form. Items they can select include: Phenylephrine (generic Sudafed PE) for stuffy nose, Chlorpheniramine for runny nose, Guaifenesin (generic Robitussin) for cough, menthol throat lozenges, Acetaminophen (generic Tylenol), and Ibuprofen (generic for Motrin or Advil). They simply take this to our pharmacy and will get enough medication to last for about a week.

This is a great service because it doesn’t require an appointment, students can just walk-in and use it during our open hours.

Wound Care Clinic

Students who have abrasions, cuts, burns, stitches, wounds previously treated by the hospital/urgent care can be seen in our wound care clinic.

For non-emergency wound care, students can call the clinic to make a wound care appointment. These appointments may be:  to change bandages, do proper wound cleaning, if the student has concerns about wound healing or infection, or to remove stitches. Sometimes a student may be caring for a wound at home initially, but find it is not healing right or they have concerns about infection.

In emergency situations, the student can just come straight to the clinic and our staff will begin assessment and treatment of any abrasions, cuts or burns. Our staff are able to place stitches.

We also perform minor surgical procedures, like removing cysts & draining abscesses. Our trained medical providers perform the surgery in the clinic and our wound care nurses continue follow-up treatment & care with students as often as necessary.

There is no extra fee for this service: students receive appropriate wound care supplies and instructions. They are often seen for follow-up wound care appointments to ensure it is healing well and the student performing home care competently.

Our nurses are trained in wound care and we have lots of experience treating injured Hokies!

Our own laboratory and radiology

Schiffert health center is a turn-key facility, where students can experience convenient, “one-stop” total medical care. Some of these tests carry an extra charge, but our pricing is low to fit students’ budgets.

Students being seen by medical providers in the clinic don’t often have to go off campus to get lab tests, X-rays, or prescriptions.

Students can also bring a doctor’s order for lab test or X-ray to our clinic and have the test done here. This can be more convenient and/or cheaper for students. The cost of lab tests & X-rays is cheaper than facilities in the community. X-rays cost $42. Our staff can fax results to the student’s doctor.

 We have a pharmacy on site:

Our pharmacy is limited but is well-stocked in most prescriptions for common medical illnesses.

Students can bring prescriptions to our pharmacy to be filled. I would recommend calling first, to see if the medication is carried in our pharmacy, to save students a trip.

If our pharmacist knows a medication is cheaper for students at outside pharmacies, they will let the student know. Most prescriptions cost around $5 or less.

Saturday Hours:

We’re open from 9am to 12pm for urgent care issues. This is only for students who are feeling sick. Non-urgent issues, like STD testing, will be scheduled for a regular weekday.

Students don’t need an appointment. They can just walk-in.

Here are a few other things that students might not be aware of:

We have an Orthopedic doctor who treats students with bone, joint, ligament, tendon, and muscle problems.

Students can apply for Academic Relief for medical problems through our offices.

We have a registered dietitian whom students can make an appointment with for any nutrition or dietary related health issues or just concerns.

The Drop-In Center comes every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month to offer free HIV testing from 9:00am – 4:30pm. Students are encouraged to make an appointment, but they can sometimes accommodate walk-ins. Appointments:  540-982-2437 or email [email protected]

With all this new knowledge, you’ll be sure to conquer any health issues you might have in college!


Abby Riggs

Lover of John Mayer, curry, Game of Thrones and writing.

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