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Top 10 Scholarships at Virginia Tech

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Drew Pierce
28 Feb 2020
5 min read

The best way to lower your student debt is by applying for scholarships. Thankfully, there are a ton that you can apply for. Here are the top 10 scholarships at Virginia Tech!

1. Presidential Campus Enrichment Grant

VT president

The first freshman scholarship is the Presidential Campus Enrichment Grant. This will pay you $4800 for eight total semesters. All you have to do is submit an application and essay online by January 15 of next year.

2. Presidential Scholarship Initiative

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If you are a Virginia resident, you can apply for the Presidential Scholarship Initiative. This is a full-ride opportunity that covers all your costs of higher education. Once you complete your FAFSA, you are automatically considered for the award.

3. Rachel McCoy Endowed Scholarship

Business building

The Rachel McCoy Endowed Scholarship fives freshmen in the college of Business a great opportunity to earn some money. Although we do not know the amount, it will be worth your while. You must be a business student who is also taking foreign language classes. Make sure to apply by March 1.

4. Alfriend Scholarship

Danville county

Another opportunity is the Alfriend Scholarship. This is for students who are from Danville and Pittsylvania Counties. The amount has not been released, but the deadline for the online application is June 25.

5. John Hopkins Baker Scholarship

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The final award listed for freshmen is the John Hopkins Baker Scholarship. Despite the dollar amount not being announced, it will be worth it to apply as long as you are from Goochlan Couty. The deadline to fill out the online application is June 30.

6. Mike Naff Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Application

The Mike Naff Memorial Scholarship offers returning students a great opportunity to earn some money. Although the amount varies by the year, you will still get some financial help. If you are a business student, be sure to apply online by March 1.

7. Chesley A. Godfrey Scholarship

Another cool fund is the Chesley A. Godfrey Scholarship. This is for engineering students who are also going into the Chi Epsilon honors society. Once the June 25 deadline rolls around, you will find out the amount.

8. A Company '55

scholarship graphic

The A Company '55 scholarship awards members of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. It is also based on financial need. Be sure to get a part of your tuition paid for by applying before June 25.

9. Bowman Educational Scholarship

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Ifyou are a child of someone who works for the Bowman Company, you can apply for the Bowman Educational Scholarship. The amount changes per year. The online application must be emailed to by April 15.

10. Woodrow A. Kantner Scholarship

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One of the most unique scholarship opportunities is the Woodrow A. Kantner Scholarship. If you are from either Maine or Florida, you can apply. The deadline is March 1 and then you will find out how much you may win.

Every single one of these opportunities offer you significant resources that go toward your education. Be sure to apply by the designated dates to be considered. Check out these scholarships at Virginia Tech!


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