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Classes at Virginia Tech can be very difficult and demanding, but at last your time spent here won’t be so miserable, as there are many super fun and easy electives to take here.It’s good to step out of your comfort zone and take a class you would have never thought of taking before. Here is a quick list of 10 easy and fun electives to take at Virginia Tech(Not in any particular order).

HTM 2464: Introduction to Service

There is only 6 grades in total for this class. The professor is really interesting(Dr. Mangini), and you learn things about the business sector that you’ve most likely never heard before.

GEOG 1014: World Regions

Very good teacher, definitely knows what he is talking about. If you have a question that he cant personally answer, he’ll find someone who can answer it. There is a midterm and final, and weekly online quizzes. If you show up to all of the classes and take all of the quizzes, you should definitely get some form of extra credit.

EDHL 1514: Personal Health

You just read the chapters and take a test. Not difficult by any means. Definitely take this course if you want a quick GPA boost. You can do all the work in the first week of the semester if you want to.

EDHL 3534: Drug Education

This is a very easy online course and can be really interesting at times too. As long as you put some effort into it, you will do well. There are 6 exams and all the answers are easy to find in the book.

TA 2014: Introduction to Theatre

Susanna is a very straightforward woman. The material she goes over in her lectures is exactly what is covered on the exams, so if you just take good notes and read over them before the exams you should be fine. She is also an excellent teacher and  is very engaging.

ENGL 1634: Introduction to Shakespeare

Great teacher, most people just take this as an easy elective but if you’re even remotely interested in Shakespeare and don’t have too much of a hard time understanding him this is a great class to take. She doesn’t just tell you random stuff about Shakespeare she tries to build an interest in him within the students which is i think is a great way of teaching.

HORT 2164: Floral Design

Great class, great professor! McDaniel is very passionate about floral design and does an excellent job teaching all the material. Exams are not hard if you study and pay attention in class.

FA 2004: Creativity& Aesthetic Experience

This class is a CLE Area 6 (1 credit, pass/fail)and  is super easy. You meet once a week for 50 minutes. We had to buy a $18 voucher to attend the 4 mandatory events (3 out of class). However, I found each event interesting and didn’t mind attending them.

HTM 2454: Travel & Tourism Management

This is an online class. Basically you read a few chapters in the textbook and take the appropriate exam with it throughout the semester. Exams aren’t that bad if you look over the textbook and PowerPoint slides that are provided for each chapter. The Term Paper is a travel itinerary where you make a 10 page travel plan for a foreign country. Not that bad unless you do it last minute. Overall a pretty easy class.

FST 3124: Brewing Science and Technology

Cool professor, he’s funny. You learn some interesting stuff about brewing and the whole industry/science behind beer making. No attendance required. Class is just as straight forward and easy as they say it is. Weekly quizzes due mostly every Sunday night. The questions on the quiz come from things he has said in class and material found within his PowerPoints.


These classes are really interesting and the best part about them are they are pretty easy elective classes. In these classes you will learn material that you most likely have never heard about before. Another plus about these classes are that they can a GPA booster for those of you who are trying to bring your GPA up. Highly recommend taking these classes at some point during your time at Virginia Tech.


Isiah Boyd

Hi! my name is Isiah Boyd I currently am a freshman at Virginia Tech. I am undecided at the moment, but I plan to major in clinical neuroscience. I enjoy going to the beach and working out.

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