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We all have gripes and groans about the price of tuition. There isn’t much you can do to get the price down. Instead of focusing on the negative, it would be better to look at the damage a different way. Yes, it is expensive, but exactly what do you get with that, currently $12,852 a year, price tag? Below are the best free resources available for your academic and future success as a Hokie.

The Writing Center

A key part of writing papers at the college level is revising. Ernest Hemingway himself said that “The first draft of anything is ~trash~.” The writing center is located in the library and the staff there critiques all levels of writing. They even cater for those with language barriers. If you struggle with writing papers, this resource is especially helpful for you. Even if you don’t struggle, a second look from a peer wouldn’t hurt.

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Career and Professional Services

Need help devising your long-term career goals and other aspirations? Career services can help you with resume building, cover letters, and even interview preparation. They assist students of all majors, all the way to the graduate level. If you have any questions on life after college, this is the place to go.

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Student Success Center

The student success center is a real-life, physical building dedicated to helping you succeed! They offer free math tutoring, peer academic coaching, and success seminars. The most helpful service here is the peer academic coaching because of the one-on-one support by actual students. More than likely, the peer coaches are going to personally understand what you are struggling with and help you in the best way possible!

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Cook Counseling Center

Have you ever felt the need to talk to someone about something personal but can’t find anyone to listen? The Cook Counseling Center offers individual counseling for those who experience personal, academic, and relationship problems. No matter your issue, you can always come and talk to a counselor. Getting your own therapist can be expensive, so try the counseling center, after all, its free!

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Technically, these resources aren’t free, because you are a Virginia Tech student and paying for these resources indirectly though your tuition. These types of resources can cost money if you look elsewhere. An online professional proofreader can cost upwards of $50 a page! From essay editors to peer coaches, all the way to therapists, there are tons of free resources available to you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because they are free, they aren’t worth checking out. If you use these services to your advantage, maybe, you just might not feel so bad about paying that hefty tuition. If you are going to pay $12,852 a year, use it for all it is worth!


Caleb Bishop

I am a University studies major at Virginia Tech. I'm just trying to find my way in the world. I believe everything happens for a reason and hopefully you'll find something that will help you in my writings.

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