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Whether you’re in-state or not, college is very expensive and Virginia Tech is no exception. There is a reason college students are portrayed as poverty-stricken 20 something-year-olds whose only meal is Ramen noodles. Thankfully, you don’t have to fit that description because of the different jobs available offered to students. You can find a multitude of jobs on Virginia Tech’s campus but these are the best ones.

Math Emporium

Wouldn’t it be nice to do your homework and get paid for it? Well, a job at the Math Emporium isn’t exactly that but it may as well be.  All you have to do is sit and check people into the building. The only thing you’ll be saying is “Hi, do you need a computer?” and then you call out their computer number. THAT’S IT. The best part of this job is that since the math emporium is away from campus, students only come in when the bus arrives which is every 15 minutes.  When there isn’t anyone to be checked in you can just sit and get your school work done. This is by far the best job on campus.

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Call Center

If you have a knack for talking to people and leading them through instructions, the call center is for you. It is a job that involves no standing or hard work, which, is music to the college students ears.  Most of the work is centered around IT so you’ll be helping people connect to the campus WiFi and setting up devices. It may take a few times before you get the hang of talking to people, but after that, the job is a breeze and an easy check.

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The Library

The library has a very calm atmosphere. Most of the time you will be helping students check out various items. Contrary to belief you will mostly be checking out things other than books because the automatic machines are faster with them. It’s really laid back, not as much as the Math Emporium, but it’s no sweatshop either. If you enjoy books, working at the library is perfect. Also, if you live on campus it’s only a short walk away.

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Residential Advisor

This job is for the more outgoing, social, and responsible people out there. It’s the hardest job on this list but it is the most rewarding. The RA usually governs one side of a dorm and make sure its residents are doing alright and offer help when needed (locked out of the dorm, room issues). The RA meets with his/her group every month or so to do little team exercises to help new students adjust to campus life and to introduce everyone to their neighbors. If you like talking, are an extrovert, and have a thing for people this job is perfect. You also get free on-campus housing along with your paycheck.

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There are other jobs on campus but these are by far the best ones. If you don’t like any of the above don’t worry, there are plenty of other good jobs on campus like tour guides and the information desk. Now go out there, get a job, and beat those broke-college-student stereotypes!



Caleb Bishop

I am a University studies major at Virginia Tech. I'm just trying to find my way in the world. I believe everything happens for a reason and hopefully you'll find something that will help you in my writings.

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