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So course request is coming up and you are only at 12 credits. You might be looking for some exciting and fun classes at VT. What is going to be that last class you squeeze into your schedule to make those 8am classes more bearable? Well…prepare yourself. because here are 14 of the Coolest Classes at VT.

1. Human Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy is a scary word when first heard but according to aspiring HNFE majors; it is one of the most interesting to take while in a science major. It shows the complexity of the human body. Isn’t it crazy how much goes into making our body function? This class dives deep into almost every aspect of how we thrive as humans.

2. Abnormal Psychology

We live in a world where mental illness awareness is exponentially becoming more known. This course goes into detail of select mental illnesses and how they compare/contrast. It will also uncover how they were discovered as well as how they have transformed through the decades

3. Introduction to Astronomy

Whether you are taking 1055 or 1056 with Duncan or Brandon…both introductory courses in Astronomy are extremely intriguing. They are an easy CLE to take for a beginning college curriculum as well as severely interesting. In 2015 1055 courses got to go to an observatory, do a movie project, as well as do field study reports all about the study of stars. Homework is a little tricky but there are no exams! This is a fantastic way to use up science credits.

4. Creative Writing

A lot of times in the future when applying to things, employers or companies can ask for pieces of writing or analysis from applicants. Creative Writing is one of the best- known courses for self-expression and portfolio building. By writing several pieces from different mediums for a semester, one can ensure to strengthen their writing skills within a few months.

5. World Regions with Boyer

Almost everyone can argue that you have to take a class with Boyer by the time you graduate as a hokie. I have even heard it should be on the Hokie Bucket list. An entirely virtual course with a crazy smart dude, you will find yourself learning way more than you did in your HS AP history classes. It is entirely a point system, letting you work ahead and get your credit in many different ways: movies, quizzes, lectures, etc!

6. Foundations of Management

A class taken by most business majors as freshman who have come in pre-decided, foundations of management is a wonderful class that teaches the basic principles of business concepts early on for college freshman. I recommend anyone who is pursing a business minor/major to take this within the first two years because it is the BEST prerequisite for the challenging business courses to come. People have said they have learned the most their freshman year from this course alone.

7. Management Theory and Leadership Practice

Whether you’re a business major or a HD major, this class is very important for whoever wants a leadership position in the future business sector. By studying and mastering leadership techniques one can uncover the best approaches to becoming a strong leader. It also goes through theories of successful managers and truly how to lead. There are online, hybrid, and in class versions making it very versatile to take the course.

8. COMM Skills 1016

With a small class size, it is very easy to make personal relations with your professor. Almost all the staff that teaches this course are approachable and really interesting to learn about. There is open-minded class discussion frequently and opportunities to step outside your comfort zone.

9. Statics

If you ever got a natural high from your high school physics class, this might be the class for you. A favorite by engineer majors, statics studies objects at rest. It focuses on forces on beams and the analysis of tension and compression.

10. Differential Equations

Although it may sound dry, this class is apparently one that people can apply to real world experiences in the future and present. It has everything to do with detecting patterns and becoming a master at problem solving. It is more in the engineer major field.

11. Human Sexuality

FLE may have been awkward in elementary school however human sexuality at VT dives deep into the informational perspective of how our body functions in the sexual sector. It explains reproductive systems as well as how those areas trigger psychological body functions. This is a way to learn mature information while hearing alternative viewpoints. It is certainty a favorite of human development majors.

12. Floral Design

Are you ready for Valentines Day? You are now. Floral Design will have you leaving class with beautiful creations of floral masterpieces you can give away or even decorate your dorm with! One will learn about how some colors look good together and how some are a “no-no!” You will have a weekly lab. Despite the expensive cost of materials, it is a great way to earn CLE credit while expressing stress through your inner creativity.

13. Design Appreciation

Design Appreciation is only offered in the fall and is very popular so consider yourself lucky if your course request is in your favor with this selection. Daily Quizzes are apparent however by doodling and being creative in a small sketchbook, one can feel proud from the ending result of taking this course. The professor who teaches is known as humorous and understanding grade wise. You learn way more about design than you think you will. IF you want to know more, you may just have to take the class?

14. Introduction to Acting

Known as one of the most fun classes to take at VT, this course is a style like no other. By studying plays, practicing monologues, and getting close with your acting mates, one can discover a lot about themselves in this CLE!


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