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There’s gonna be some classes that you take at Virginia Tech that you will absolutely hate. There can be many factors as to why one would hate a class. Those including who it’s taught by, the time the class is offered, the workload, or the material. All of these are reasons why someone would hate a class. All of these factors are also dependent on the individual. Here’s a list of the 5 worst classes at Virginia Tech.

BMSP 2315: Human Anatomy & Physiology

Exams are unreasonable, never tells you when Connect is due, and she randomly posts them up so you never know. Basically all of your tasks outside of class require reading and memorizing everything out of the textbook. Anatomy was a class  that one should be really excited to take but it becomes the opposite.


ECE 4364: Alternate Energy Systems

Slow to post grades, asks really obscure questions on exams, and USELESS when you ask him a question via e-mail (the only way you can contact him, since it is an online class). If you’re lucky, he will at least be polite in his response – more likely, he will be quite rude. His lectures are painful to listen to – every slide he introduces himself and reads off the course number. It gets old really fast if you know how to read. The TA isn’t any better – if you ask for help, you’re likely to get some sort of response that doesn’t even come close to answering your question. Avoid this class unless you have no other option for a Engineering Science Elective.


ACIS 3504: Account Systems and Controls

Really boring and you have to go to class because participation counts as part of your grade. tests are hard. you can argue some questions on the test he doesn’t always agree. A lot of the questions are unfair. The quickbook projects are pretty easy just don’t do them the night before. If you read the bold words in the book and take the quizzes on the books site online then you should do fine.


CHEM 2114: Analytical Chemistry

Often tangents for an entire class about a specific piece of lab equipment and then does not cover it on tests. Can be slightly dull but tries really hard to keep class interested. Course work is pretty boring, but Dr. Long tries his best to crack jokes and make lecture somewhat entertaining.


CS 1054: Intro to Programming in Java

Tests are not easy and can be difficult to follow if you don’t have previous knowledge of Java or other programming languages. WebCAT can also be a pain. This class isn’t like other classes where you can get by by reading the textbook. If you want to do well you need to practice coding problems on the regular and pay attention in class. Applying yourself is key



All in all, there are gonna be many classes that you will take that you will absolutely hate. But dont let that get you, if it is something that is unavoidable, it doesnt mean you wont survive it. It wll be a very long and enduring semester but you will get through it. Listed above is some of the worst classes at Virginia Tech.



Isiah Boyd

Hi! my name is Isiah Boyd I currently am a freshman at Virginia Tech. I am undecided at the moment, but I plan to major in clinical neuroscience. I enjoy going to the beach and working out.

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