The Best Washington University in St. Louis Professors

1. Professor Richard Loomis

Rating – 100%
Department – Chemistry

Courses Taught by Professor Richard Loomis

1. CHE111 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Richard Loomis

“He was an amazing professor. I had him last semester and is still by far my favorite teacher at wash u. chem 111 is really freaking hard but he was hilarious and made the class enjoyable. if you go to his help sessions, he will see that you care and will do his best to help you to do well”

“Loomis is fantastic. He takes it personally that everyone learns the material, and he works very hard to make sure all questions are answered. I am a junior, and I have not met a more dedicated educator. I want to take more classes with him. Don’t be afraid of 111, just take Loomis.”

“Chem111 has some great professors, but Loomis is the best. He really gets into it, and he absolutely wants everyone to learn Chemistry, or should I say the baby quantum mechanics behind chemistry. Great guy and great class.”

2. Professor Richard Smith

Rating – 97%
Department – Anthropology

Courses Taught by Professor Richard Smith

1. ANTRO101 – Learn More
2. ANTRO150 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Richard Smith

“VERY pompous in person, and not nice at all. His tests are very hard and focused on little details from the text. I barely got a passing grade and he kind of made fun of me. The class is pretty dry and not that interesting. His closing lecture this year was a little…stupid (he just said there’s a problem with the environment .. that’s it).”

“Amazing teacher–very engaging. Draws from the book more than he admits and picks the smallest details from lecture for the test. A very memory-intensive class. In a conference with him regarding my grade, he suggested that I withdraw and (subtly) drop out of college. Regardless of his accuracy, he’s very arrogant in person.”

“BEST PROFESSOR!!!! I want to be him. Every lecture I was praying class would go on forever. Last lecture made me cry. This is a wise man and we all need to listen to him.”

3. Professor Darla Dale

Rating – 97%
Department – Anthropology

Courses Taught by Professor Darla Dale

1. ARCH190 – Learn More
2. ARCH100 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Darla Dale

“I adore Dean Dale! She’s one of the most enthusiastic and hilarious professors you will ever have, and everything on the test is something she says in class, so if you go to class then you can do well. Don’t expect it to be a breeze, but if you study you’re fine. She’s so much fun that it’s totally worth it!.”

“I loved Intro to Archaeology. Dean Dale was so easy to understand and you can tell she loves this subject. She was funny and added lots of real life examples and activities to class to make it interesting. The best professor I’ve had at Wash U.”

“Never got on to historical arch. Don’t think it was rly necessary to learn ab Ardi Garhi, Lucy, Turkana Boy, etc.; enumerate theories concerning the evolution of bipedalism; & memorize specimen cranial capacities. Save that for a Physl Anthro course.”

4. Professor Tom Bernatowicz

Rating – 95%
Department – Physics

Courses Taught by Professor Tom Bernatowicz

1. PHY198 – Learn More
2. PHY197 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Tom Bernatowicz

“Prof. Bernatowicz is kind to students and enthusiastic. However, he is certainly not the smartest professor in the physics department and it was quite disappointing when I tried to explain my questions to him because he often misunderstood them.”

“Prof. Bernatowicz was a great lecturer, He made physics fun and kept me awake in class.”

“He is a great guy, and a great teacher. Highly enthusiastic about the subject, he is engaging and willing to stay after class discussing interesting intricacies and curiosities of the subject. His testa are extremely easy, and are untimed. The class average has to be in the B+/A- range.”

5. Professor Jan Duchek

Rating – 93%
Department – Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor Jan Duchek

1. PSYCH321 – Learn More
2. PSYCH100B – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Jan Duchek

“I wish I could take every psychology class with Professor Duchek, she is a real gem. Best psychology class I have ever had at WashU! I can’t rave about her enough.”

“Prof. Duchek is a fantastic professor! She is engaging and takes care to try and learn as many names as possible in 200-300 person classes. She’s incredibly kind and her lectures are fun too! She even brought in multiple times (for developmental psych) some colleague’s children for us to play cognitive games with in front of the class!”

“This woman is incredible! She makes expectations clear, so studying for her tests is very straightforward. She presents the material in a super engaging way so that you remember her anecdotes and thus the material. She is a wonderful educator, if you get the chance to take her class, do it!”

The Worst Washington University in St. Louis Professors

1. Professor Brian Blank

Rating – 41%
Department – Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor Brian Blank

1. MATH220 – Learn More
2. MATH411 – Learn More
3. MATH318 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Brian Blank

“Confusing and not very clear in lecture; often makes mistakes on exams. Avoid.”

“Brian Blank is a mess. His lectures are all over the place, he didn’t use a textbook, and his exams were unfocused and unrelated to class. His grading can be lenient at times, but taking a class with Blank is the ultimate toss-up. Funny and sweet guy, but overall don’t recommend.”

“Blank gets really off track, is extremely unclear, and is terrible at answering questions. I got an A in the class by reading, rereading and rereading his online textbook. Do every possible problem and try to write everything from his online lecture notes down on your note card. Don’t worry about not having a textbook, use his online one.”

2. Professor Ed Spitznagel

Rating – 42%
Department – Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor Ed Spitznagel

1. MATH3200 – Learn More
2. MATH2200 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Ed Spitznagel

“Run for your life.”

“Hard to understand, mumbles words, unfair test questions, avoid at all costs.”

“Tests arent hard. all questions from textbook with the same number so if u solve all questions on textbook you will get an A i got an A on his 3200 class, but self-taught from the first chapter to the last. I personally think he is not a good lecturer, but his class is OK to get an good grade.”

3. Professor James Reid

Rating – 43%
Department – Psychology

Courses Taught by Professor James Reid

1. PSYCH325 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor James Reid

“Lectures (if he even gives one) are only somewhat related to what’s on the exam and he takes a lot from the textbook; lots of in-class group projects and he keeps track of who is there”

“Lectures contain little to no substance. One unit he lectured once and we watched movies the rest of the time.”

“Hilarious in classroom, but has little connection to what we are supposed to know for his multiple-choice exams. yes there are 3 exams through out the course and nothing else.. you need to attend the class and participate in group discussions and such but compare to few other psych courses, this course is chill! however, get ready to read the text.”

4. Professor Paul Rosenzweig

Rating – 45%
Department – English

Courses Taught by Professor Paul Rosenzweig

1. LIT348 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Paul Rosenzweig

“The worst professor at WashU. Will not listen to students and spends entire lecture on his ideas and his way of studying the literature, refusing any discourse on the matter. A disgrace to the Department. Does not provide constructive criticism, and often speaks to students in a derogatory way. Should be removed! WashU is aware and will not act!”

“Easily one of the worst academic experiences of my life. Rosenzweig seems incapable of grading essays that are not written in his own words and style. I took this class after having read the reviews on here and thinking that my passion for the subject would get me through his controversial teaching style. DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE. Avoid at all costs!”

“Terrible class, awful professor. Refuses to entertain viewpoints other than his own, classes are lectures rather than discussions. Only saving grace of class was easiness of material. In all fairness, occasionally had interesting points to make, but outweighed by his insistence that his was the one and only interpretation of a text”

5. Professor Vlad Birman

Rating – 47%
Department – Chemistry

Courses Taught by Professor Vlad Birman

1. CHEM262 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Vlad Birman

“I managed to pull an A off in this class, but dont let anyone tell you differently, this guy is hard as hell.”

“The only B I have received in my entire life. He spends the entire class staring at the blackboard. And if anyone asks him a question, he seems incapable of understanding/answering it. Horrible class. I don’t understand how anyone can rate him as a good teacher. Brilliant chemist. Exams basically all synthesis.”

“He is terrible. I am not sure why, it is not just his poor speaking ability, but he just cannot convey a coherent message. I don’t think it is nerves, because he is the same way in office hours. He means well, but he should not be teaching.”



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