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10 Coolest Courses at Wayne State University

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Katie Anderton
5 Jul 2019
7 min read

Wayne State University is a cool university, with even cooler classes to offer. It's known for innovation and putting the students at the forefront of their missions. Below, you'll find our picks of the top 10 classes at the University of State University that you need to study. Check them out below.

1. ANT 2400 - Food and Culture Anthropology

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Can food guide us into understanding political, cultural and economic issues? This class will look into that, by looking into historical and social information, you will notice the link between society and food. It also includes local trips, which is always an added bonus.

2. NFS 4200 - Dietetic Practice I

Picture of fruit bowls in the shape of hearts

This class focuses on creating nutritional care plans for those who need nutrition care and specialized nutrition support. The class also touches on nutrition education programs for health promotion. It's obvious to see why so many people adore this class.

3. PHI 1100 - Contemporary Moral Issues

Group picture of students working on project together

As with all philosophy classes, this will involve a large degree of critical discussion. This is a particularly amazing class to study because of the topics discussed - such as gender, race, religion and climate. Philosophy has the potential to open many doors in the future for you.

4. AIA 1610 - Architectural Drafting and Perspective Drawing

picture of blueprint and rules and pens

A key aspect of architectural and interior design are the drawings and plans. This class teaches you how to utilize these to their maximum potential, helping you throughout the course. By the end, you'll be able to draw detailed, useful plans. A really cool course, and a cool class.

5. GSW 2600- History of Women, Gender and Sexuality in the Modern World

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This examines change, in regards to gender and women, that has happened over time. There are various different angles to look into, as well as noticing lack of changes. It looks into different historical approaches, encouraging students to develop a critical review. You will undoubtedly find interesting.

6. PSY 2100 - Psychology and the Workplace

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Workplace issues are something that many psychologists need to understand. This topic is increasingly becoming more important. This class looks into employee training, leaderships and work culture and climate. This class, you could say, has the potential to make big changes.

7. LAS 2430 - History of Latino/as in the United States

picture of girl in latin clothes

This class looks at the historical development of Americans with Hispanic descent. This includes cultural conflict, social, political and economic factors and how the effect lives and cultures. It's a really interesting class, that seems more important now than ever.

8. US 3650 - The History of Detroit

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This class is really cool, because of how unique it is. It, as you can guess, touches on the History of Detroit from European contact to the current day. It's cool to focus on one specific location, especially one as iconic and diverse as Detroit. This could easily become your favorite class.

9. ENG 1020 - Introductory College Writing

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Picture: Pixabay

When it comes to college writing, you have to be prepared. This class looks into reading, researching and writing skills that will help every student to write successfully. Not only does this benefit you in multiple classes, but this also benefits you outside of college too.

10. BA 1200 - Personal Finance

picture of screen with data and cahrts

As part of the business administration course, this personal finance class is a cool one to take. This class helps students to make sensible financial decisions, covering topics like income spending, as well as investing. We'd say every student could benefit from this.


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