1. The downtown vs. Evansdale Debate

It will never end.

2. Form a hatred towards WVU’s transportation/parking

They know the fastest way to ruin your day.

3. Pay for a new Mountaineer card AT LEAST once

Your Mountaineer card is a true test of responsibility.

4. Miss a football game that you had every intention on going into

Sometimes you just can’t make it out of the parking lot.

5. Embarrass yourself on frat row in one way or another

Two words: good luck

6. Spot President Gee in unlikely president hang outs…

And he’s probably wearing a sweet bow tie, too!

7. Adventure to Cooper’s Rock

Adventures in West Virginia are the best adventures.

8. Dage-ing

You’re true champion when you’re dage-ing in between classes. Let’s go!

9. Emotionally break down when you go on break

You definitely go to WVU if you never want to leave.

10. Find your home

Theres no place like it.


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